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Jans Maxi Mixed Roots Chips (Taro, Cassava and Sweet Potatoes)

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  • Jans Maxi Mixed Roots Chips (Taro, Cassava and Sweet Potatoes)

    I saw these at a local ranch market in Costa Mesa, CA. I bought them because it sounded like a snack that would fit with my PB lifestyle. They are Gluten Free and rich in Antioxidants. I'm not going to eat them daily but I just wanted to get everyones opinion on them and see how it sounds. I've listed the ingredients below. BTW, they are so damn good!

    Ingredients: Orange and Purple Sweet Potatoes, Taro, Cassava, Pamonlein oil and/or sunflower oil, sea salt, sugar(1g per serving), whey, citric acid, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide as anticaking agent, natural vitamin E to preserve freshness.

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    I think I've had these...and they are DELICIOUS!!..BUT, they aren't that much different from potato chips in regards to the affect they may have on your body...high, starchy carbs...higher calorie....will spike insulin and FAST! If you're would be a great treat in moderation...especially on a high activity day. BUT, if you're a bit older, and have excess weight, I would put these on hold until you are lean and fit. :- ) i know, I know..I wrecked all of your fun!..


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      LOL! That was a dagger to my heart so what exactly will spike the insulin? The potatoes? I currently eat sweet potatoes at times with my dinner (in moderation) so I kind of figured this would be the same.


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        well maybe have them with a big, juicy burger...! ;-) that should do it....also I wish I could recall where I just read about the damages done by EXTREME high heating on starchy carbs... something about oxidation and the damage it can do to the arteries....much like with excessive heating to was quite a read..... but I'm sketchy in details..if I can find that article again, I'll make sure and post it. I say enjoy them, but usually if it's too good to be in these chips, it usually is too good to be true.... ;-) they are damn good, I'll give you that...!