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grass-fed vs vegetarian-fed beef?

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  • grass-fed vs vegetarian-fed beef?

    is vegetarian-fed beef just as bad as grain-fed?

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    According to this article:
    Grass-fed beef vs. Vegetarian-fed beef: Know the difference!
    vegetarian fed IS grain fed.


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      I see vegetarian fed on some things like eggs. A closer look reveals that they are fed soy. So I am a little skeptical if meat is labeled anything other than grass fed. I think your statement would be more emphatic this way:
      Vegetarian fed IS NOT grass fed. They feed animals more than grains, sadly.


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        Veg fed is a red flag.
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          Yeah. I would say that Veg fed cows are better than NOT veg fed cows because that at least means (one would assume) that they are not being fed ground up animal bits (which is SO healthy for a cow, seeing as how they are herbivores...)

          BUT, they are still being fed corn which is also not healthy for them since they are grass-i-vores not GMO, oversized grass seed head-i-vores.

          And chickens SHOULDN'T be veg fed! (well I guess again if they are mass production that better then not but...) They should be eating bugs and stuff!!


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            I thought this would be a thread comparing eating cows v eating vegetarians...
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              Vegetarian-fed means that the animals were not fed animal by-products or that there were no animal by-products in the feed. This means that the animals were confined indoors eating pellets of some sort of soy/corn by-product concoction. We avoid this type of meat.

              Grass-fed means that the animals roamed outside and their diet consisted of grasses.

              Sometimes you have to look carefully because the label might say something like grass-fed/grain-finished, which means that the animals did not spend their entire lives eating grasses outside but were moved to a feedlot to eat grain (soy/corn by-products) at some point in their lives. As such, the animals were not entirely grass-fed.


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                in terms of cows, vegetarian-fed and grain-fed... it's the same thing! just a marketing gimmick. after mad-cow, they won't feed cows other dead cows anymore, which i suppose it better than the alternative. so they're all fed corn and soy or wheat.
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