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Would you eat THIS sauerkraut?

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  • Would you eat THIS sauerkraut?

    Hey Guys,

    I made up a batch of sauerkraut while Im residing in one place over here in Asia. I didnt have a cloth to cover the container i made it in so had to cover it with a pair of my shorts. ...i forgot about the cabbage for a couple of weeks and I looked today and theres a couple of flies and little bugs that have dropped into the sauerkraut... the shorts didnt do the job!! haha

    So, would you still eat this sauerkraut knowing flies and bugs have been floating in there or just throw it out and start again?

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      Fuck it, I'd probably still give it a shot.


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        I wouldn't touch it, but some people eat rotten seal flippers, so who am I to judge?
        Call me cael if caeliumspecto is just too long.

        Also, though I would never say anything I thought would hurt someone, I am not a health expert.


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          I'd suggest you scrape out the top inch or so. Does it look okay in the layers underneath? A bite won't kill you.

          If it tastes like sauerkraut, eat the rest. Honestly, I wouldn't worry too much. The whole point of fermentation is that the good bacteria overwhelm the bad.
          "If man made it, don't eat it." ..Jack LaLanne
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            I wouldn't. I hate to waste food but I hate food poisoning even more.

            And while I agree that fermenting generally helps get rid of the baddies, you have to help the good bacteria along and not put it in a losing situation. Even pretty careful home brewers occasionally skunk a batch of beer.


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              I wouldn't touch Sauerkraut with my feet. Maybe with a long stick, depends...
              Sauerkraut sucks...shoved down my throat since age 2 or so...stomping it myself with my feet in a large barrel as a kid.
              Born to german parents, growing up in Germany...I can't stand Sauerkraut. It's an awesome gate-way food for bulimia.


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                you lost me when you told us the batch was covered with your shorts.


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                  whats the worst that can happen? Diarrhea, e-coli, etc. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. lol


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                    they're just flies, not inherently poisonous in and of themselves

                    would i eat them? no, ew flies eat poop. i'd just dip them out
                    yeah you are

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                      Scrape off the top and enjoy ... really ... you think factory produced food is clean?

                      Trust me, I've worked in factory food production. What you've got there is no big deal. Just dig down to the good stuff underneath and don't worry about it - it's all good probiotic. Try a can of Surströmming and you'll NEVER think this is a problem again!

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