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Psoriasis cure through diet?



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    Originally posted by LolaLola View Post
    My husband has psoriasis for years until he came across this book and after following the recommendations - it completely cleared the psoriasis for him. I will tell you that it required dedication and adherence to the rules - diet wise & supplement wise. My husband also lost weight following the diet whcih he didn't need to do but felt the weight loss was worth the trade-off for feeling better & clearing the psoriasis. It's not a cure - as it can return if you reintroduce the trigger foods but I can honestly say that it worked. Good luck!!! Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative (9780962884702): John O. A. Pagano: Books
    Okay, I will check out the book. It has really good ratings on Amazon on over 108 reviewers! Glad it has worked well for him


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      I completely cleared my mild psoriasis (scalp and nails ) keeping to the following rules
      1. avoid leaky gut triggers (alcohol, gluten, coffee)
      2. avoid food components that take advantage of the increased intestinal permeability, cross the wall and cause inflammation (wheat, lactose, fructose for me, nightshades for others)
      3. correct Vit D defficiency (sunbed 2x week)
      4. lots of hydration
      5. ocasional fast (reduces intestinal permeability)
      Leaky gut research


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        Hey y'all. Had a pretty bad flare up back last fall. Arms, legs, torso, slightly on my cheeks. Super inconvenient, and hindering on day to day activities.
        Basically I put it down to a lack of sleep, too much acidity in the diet (low ph) and stressing out the liver. Your skin is the last resort for your body to combat any impurities which your internal organs can't handle. Anyway a change of diet is key. No starchy foods especially potatoes, red meat, avoid nightshades, gluten, sugar, beer and any form of alcohol, smoking (which can be hard) candy, pop, coffee (green tea is a great substitute), and avoid citrus fruits. I also cleansed my system with the wild rose cleanse, very easy, 12 day herbal cleanse which you will find leaves you feeling alive again and somewhat lighter than before... Start eating a lot of fish, leafy greens (kale, chard, spinach etc.) and lots of high ph water. Chamomile tea is a great evening drink to aid with digestion and also set you up for a good sleep. Oh yeh and coconut water, lots of it!!
        I found eating out was, and still is hard but just be picky, usually most restaurants are quite flexible. As well as changing my diet, lost a little weight and my psoriasis improved vastly. It is almost completely clear now with a few scars/blemishes where the more severe patches were. If I go and binge and eat pizza for example I will notice a slight aggravation of my p but stick to the diet, you will be good.
        Just look at it as a healthy change of eating habits. You will feel better, more energy and also see an improvement!
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          Oh yeh and vega one nutritional shakes for breakfast with soy lecithin granules and some fish oil. Gotta make sure you are getting your omegas!


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            Originally posted by leanzorik View Post
            Hey guys,

            I was wondering if anyone has cured their psoriasis through the primal diet on here?

            I been doing 80% Paleo the last two months. My acne has definitely reduced. But my psoriasis has not changed at all. I do eat grass fed butter as the only dairy source.

            I have recently been diagnosed with psoriasis. It took over 1.5 years to even diagnose it! I been to two dermatologists and one naturepath. None of them has able to help me in any way.

            So has anyone able to cure this? I have heard people with autoimmune diseases should avoid the nightshades and all forms of dairy in addition to the Paleo diet?
            We have one Psoriasis success story for you:
            A young nurse I work with, very pretty; until you came close up to her; the skin was covered with psoriasis behind ears, on her scalp and under her chin.

            Usually I wait until people ask me for help but this time I offered my help to her; as I never have had the opportunity to work with psoriasis. I went through her diet; it was full of omega 6 (inflammation) lots of sugary stuff, almost no healthy items in her diet.
            She also have skin fungus, thrush, lots of UTI s.
            A perfect job for Borax- Iodine i thought.

            She willingly started my program; only coconut oil on skin
            +coconut oil as food / supplement
            No vegetable oil except cold pressed olive.
            Omega 3 supplement in the form of seal oil.
            Low grain and sugar,
            Higher use of real salt
            High green vegetables; 10 items of fruit / veg daily.
            Higher protein, more fat (she has been low-fat for a while)
            +supplement with minerals, selenium and some general vitamins
            just a little iodine first month; about 1 mg in the form of kelp products.
            No fluoride.

            I did this just to see if she was motivated to change her diet before I started the "real" treatment. To my astonishment she was much better within this first month with only diet change; to a degree that her doctor said she probably didnt have psoriasis; only dry skin (!) She loves the EVCO.
            I met her yesterday; now she has been on Borax-iodine for about 3 weeks (1/4 of a teaspoon borax and 2 drops of Lugols daily.) No psoriasis to see , improvement on all levels.
            One of the reasons of her success is her determination to follow the program 100%
            Will follow up after a few months.
            A psoriasis case at Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team crossposted to Psoriasis Cure forum and Success Stories forum, topic 1428864
            Iodine is used extensively by the skin cells, and cures a condition where people have trouble sweating. Dry skin, dry eyes, dry mouth are one of many typical iodine deficiency symptoms.

            Do not take iodine without also taking the required co-supplements:

            Also see our iodine testimonials, where we have numerous entries for psoriasis:

            There are also a lot of hits in Google for "Psoriasis Iodine Cure"

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              I have a different ai skin condition - hidradinitis - but there is a lot of overlap in the recommendations for both. I did the aip, and identified nightshades as my main trigger of flares, and dairy is a lesser reaction. Even just a teeny pinch of paprika is enough to cause a reaction. I haven't gone into remission yet, but I am seeing steady improvement in my sites so I am hopeful. Also, I was getting secondary symptoms like swollen joints and brain fog and since eliminating my triggers those have gone away.

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                Not fond of the smell but it seems to be working well on what I got DermalMD Psoriasis Serum for scalp psoriasis. Takes a few weeks if it hasn't been treated in awhile but it's better than steroids!