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How to handle possible food sensitivities

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  • How to handle possible food sensitivities

    I am just starting on this diet. I have multiple autoimmune disorders including Crohn's disease. I am allergic to eggs and peanuts. I also suspect myself or have been told by some sort of chiropractor or naturopath that I could be sensitive to any or all of the following foods: nightshades, chocolate, tree nuts and citrus. My question is whether it would be wiser to just follow the diet (without the eggs of course) and experiment with taking other foods out if I don't feel any better after awhile or to start with all of the suspected food groups eliminated and add them in one by one to discover the culprits. My fear is that the first method will leave me frustrated with no results and my fear with the second method is that I will be extremely limited in what I can eat. Has anyone out there been in a similar situation? What worked best for you?

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    this is revolutionary method, but i suggest taking tiny amounts of peanuts everyday, and slowly increasing your peanut dosage every week. start with a small grain of peanut and by the end of the year, maybe you will eat an entire peanut.

    i did this for poison ivy.

    report back.


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      Take them all out, and plan ahead for what you CAN eat to head off frustration.