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The meal that kicks sugar cravings

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  • The meal that kicks sugar cravings

    Ive been on an off primal for about 10yrs more on than off. But my nemesis is always the sweet stuff. I'm successful in being off it most of the time but every now and again the dried figs beckon, once I eat them I tend to go nuts on sweet foods and grains for the next week after. This week I made a curious link. My sugar cravings always coincide with a drop in my fat intake. I ran out of coconut oil this week and havent had a chance to restock to i stopped eating my 2 tblsps a day. Guess what? I found myself reaching for the figs, followed up on the following days with a sandwich and a few other things I dont normally touch.

    But Ive discovered a really simple fix to get back on track. Its also delicious. Hollandaised-eggs. Poach the whites and make the yolks into hollandaise sauce with real butter (and I like to sub 50% of the fat content with virgin coconut oil, tastes great works the same). Pile it on top of a heap of veges and some smoked salmon. Eat the lot. I do not have sugar cravings at all after eating that. in fact Im hard pressed to even be hungry for a while.

    Gotta love the pre-low fat days, when recipes were rich and satisfying. Ok I wouldnt eat this everyday, its a bit rich but its great to level out the blood sugars and get back on track quickly without suffering.

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    Sauerkraut kills it for me. Although I've been eating 150+ grams of carbohydrate every day in vegetables and some fruit, so maybe my body is satisfied with that.