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Anyone else find meat boring?

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  • Anyone else find meat boring?

    What? Meat? Boring?

    I don't mean this to be controversial, but I'm finding myself in a bit of a crisis of confidence ... and have found the way out, being pretty natural with food.

    I find myself really tiring of meat.

    Is this my body saying, "get more fish" or "eat more offal" or just "eat less meat"?

    I love a juicy steak with simple greens. I love offals, in fact eat loads. I like fish, in fact eat loads ... more so since finding meat to be a bit boring.

    I suppose, what I'm asking is ... is meat really that important? Let's say I like fish ... can I eat fish all week and have some meat at the weekends? I'll eat offals and all manner of shellfish throughout, but it's just I find meat so boring as a protein source. I'd rather eat a couple of eggs than a few chunks of meat in a stew.

    How can I pep up meat?

    I do love curry, chilli, any kind of spiced meat, but always find myself thinking how the meal would have been nicer with some firm fish in there. I do like meat in flavoursome soups - I combine thin slices of beef with shellfish and sea vegetables in a spicy, flavoursome broth.

    I'm getting close to what I don't like about meat - I don't like it cooked.

    But, a man, let alone a man and woman, cannot eat curry all the time ...

    I like raw meat, good meat, the best meat ... raw, or very lightly cooked. Can I get away with eating just fish and offals and have the occasional meal with really good, tender meat?

    "... needs more fish!"

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    You can go all fish, all raw, whatever you fancy I tend to go through phases of devouring beef, or pork.... it balances in the long term


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      Originally posted by pjgh View Post

      Can I get away with eating just fish and offals and have the occasional meal with really good, tender meat?
      Of course, depending on whether it is high quality(with fish it is very difficult to find depending on where you live).

      I don't find meat boring at all. I could never tire of lamb, nom nom. Beef is another matter, and chicken I eat much less of. I once got literally repulsed by eggs, and stopped eating them for about a year. Now I really enjoy them.


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        It sounds like you are wanting to eat what your body prefers. No justification required. Just do it. Personally I really dislike all marine inhabitants, so I just dont eat them....shhhh! Don't tell anybody. Lol!


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          I have pet parrots and one thing I notice with them is they go through phases where they want lots of something and will do anything to get it, then after a while they're like meh, whatever, and they toss it to the bottom of their cage. I figure out in the wild they probably see a tree in bloom and eat all the blossoms for a few weeks, then some other tree goes into fruit and they eat nothing but that fruit for a few weeks and so on. It's probably natural to want to eat nothing but X for a while, then get tired of it and move on to Y. So eat all the fish you can stand until you can't stand anymore, then move on to whatever sounds good.
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            Finding meat boring is like finding air or water boring. It is necessarily repetitive because it is fundamental to our existence.


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              Sounds like there's something you're needing right now that fish has and other meat doesn't. I don't know how long this feeling's been going on for you, but if it started within the past month or so, my guess is it's something to do with winter and lack of sunshine. If you've got a freezer of steaks you don't want to waste, then it's a problem to eat fish otherwise, not a problem.

              If you find that you can't seem to satisfy your cravings for fish, you could consider a supplement, just something to keep in mind.
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                Fish is meat. EL-OH-EL.
                You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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                  Thanks for the replies, guys - I've been a real food eater my whole life with a 5 year stint on pescetarian from about 12 'til I left home. I've been full primal for about 6 months now and in that time have taken the effort to boost the meat.

                  Previously, a couple of meals a week would have been bean or pasta based to keep weekly costs down, although ironically, I find I am spending less now than I was then ... despite inflation!

                  For me, food is more than fuel - it must look good, taste good and be interesting to eat. I hit a wall at about a month in where I was so down about the food I was cooking that I almost gave it all up. I think I've hit that wall again. Last night I made up a huge stew of lamb and vegetables in the hope there'd be some left overs for lunch today, but I chucked the lot - it was so bland and horrible, despite the herbs.

                  It's a chore to eat meat, not a joy.

                  I've said it in a number of threads where recent vegetarians and pescetarians are moving over to a primal diet, that I could happily just eat fish, shellfish and vegetables. I think it must be a further refinement that my body is telling me to do - I do have three or four meat recipes which I would happily eat week in week out, in fact, we do, so I think the remainder should be offals, fish and shellfish ... and hope that offsets the boredom I'm finding.

                  Maybe, as suggested, the changes in seasons will bring a newfound want to meat.

                  Again, thanks for the replies - letting it out helps the mind settle.
                  Cheers, all!

                  "... needs more fish!"


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                    I go between craving meat and craving fish, and poultry. It's normal, means your system is all good - people are supposed to tire from the monotony. I am also trying to get my hands on the meat I normally would not have, like game meat or rabbit or lamb or whatever, when I feel like beef and pork just not it. Last Thursday nothing would do, but chicken hearts and gizzards. Go figure.
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                      Fish is a complete protein, it IS meat. Fish are cute, living animals and it's sad to kill them, too. I don't know what screwed reality thinks fish aren't animals. They are vertebrates, even! I can only imagine that people who pretend fish isn't meat are doing it so they can eat meat that didn't come from something fuzzy. There's no excuse for thinking fish aren't living animals made of good, edible meat like any other animal. Of course you can just eat fish. It's lacking nothing that any other muscle meat has. Plus, if you get whole fish you get to eat the organs and bones, too! I'll probably never be able to afford rich people food like beef and lamb, duck and bison. It would take two weeks worth of my grocery money just to eat grass-fed beef every day for one week. Frozen and canned fish is the closest I'll ever get, and it's working great so far. Fish are a good meat animal.
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                        I also don't eat red muscle meat often. I tend to be more of a fish person, or weird organs like thymus.
                        I go through phases, every 2 weeks or so I have a couple days where I have cravings for red meat.
                        Been eaten eggs every day for almost 2 years straight and that's getting old right now, too. Lately, I haven't been in the mood for anything so I cheat with a bowl of white rice and seaweeds, giving myself a couple of high carb days.

                        I think it's natures way of forcing you to look for variety.


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                          Time for a change, then ...

                          Yeah, looks like over-concentrating on red meats has left me wanting more variety.

                          I'm trying to think back to pre-primal, how I went about selecting what to eat. I think I just went with what I fancied eating and was available at the time. Having read a lot into this, I guess I'm over-concentrating on getting the right balance rather than just letting my body tell me. Ironically, I'm more in tune than ever yet perhaps listening the least.

                          "... needs more fish!"