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  • white rice?

    I have read through much of the website and have a basic understanding of the types of food I need to be eating. I do have a question. I remember reading this somewhere, but I can't find the thread anymore. What is the deal with white rice? Avoid, or moderation, or it is okay? Thanks in advance!

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    Here is Mark's recent post on white rice. It really boils down to what your goals are and how you respond to carbs. I've recently read a thread in which someone said that they cannot eat rice because it spikes their blood sugar. I do not have the same problem. When I reach my target weight, I will probably start eating rice (with stews or risotto) once a week or so because I like it. Same with potatoes.


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      Thank you for the link Farfalla. Rice seems to be a lovely shade of grey on the black and white scale.


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        Like many things around here, the correct answer is "It depends on your current situation, goals, and reaction to it. Try it and see, or not."


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          It's a necessity if you need to tone down the crazy spicy chili you want to eat when waking up after too many beers on new year's eve!


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            If you have a healthy metabolism, rice should be fine.
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              Some people are fine with rice, but you might want to get the hang of basic primal eating before you play around with it too much. I eat it maybe 2-4 times a month (in sushi, as noodles in pho, or in saffron rice, for example). I don't find it's an issue for me, but I don't generally cook it at home except as rice stuffing for turkey at the holidays.
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                White rice is the only grain I'm still cheating my diet with...but it doesn't seem to affect my digestion at all. Blood sugar, maybe...and constantly having rice with a meal is probably not a good thing at all. The focus for carbs should be veggies, but my gut gets torn up by veggies...not so by rice though.
                So for now...I'm keeping my carb count around 100 a day, 1-2 fruits and half or whole cup of white rice with e.g. salmon or chicken soup. If I have a green salad I ditch either a fruit or the rice. Once I get raw milk again in spring I will ditch the rice.

                My weight has been stable (135 lbs at 5'9" tall female) for over 1.5 years.


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                  I avoided rice while I was loosing weight and trying to heal my immune system (except for the occasional sushi). It used to give me heartburn too. Now I eat it once a week or so and I don't think I can detect any issues with it.

                  I do think it is best to break your taste for grainy food very early in the primal eating. Then once you are comfortable and stable in this way of eating, you can add it back in.
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