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    I've read the book and though i do agree with some aspects of the PB i don't particularly agree with any diet fashioned by man per say. I know about weight loss and weight gain. I lost nearly 50 lbs last year simply by over all calorie reduction. Nothing fancy i just counted most not everything that went into my mouth.

    I always question everything and always use common sense as a consensus of weighing gathered information. 30 years ago we ate more fat, more potatoes, plain white bread and butter 3 times a day. As a kid i drank 1 gallon of milk a day alone. We ate cheeseburgers and homemade pizza. The thing that was missing was commercialized food ie processed. You went out to eat and got a hamburger that contained one ingredient ie ground beef. None of the fast food burger joints today can make that claim.

    We weren't concerned about fiber. We didn't eat an abundance of vegetables We used butter, lard mostly as oils. There were no olive oils, cooking sprays in our house no fancy exotic oils either. Fry me some chicken in lard i say. 30 years ago there weren't alot of fat people where i lived and we ate ALOT of fat high calorie foods every day. This whole anti-carb flood us with fiber agenda is simply hogwash.

    The obesity problem in America is partly because folks are inactive. They say the average American drinks 600 cans of soda pop a year. I'm lucky to drink a can a week. Sugar is a huge problem. People eat to much of it. We ate pies, cookies and cakes that grandma made alot as kids but soda was not an everyday thing.

    As to Grok this is speculative theory. There is no factual way of telling how long they would of lived then or in today's world. The longest living folks in the world consume more rice then they do meat from any source. Just because folks lose weight rapidly on a high protein low carb diet doesn't make it healthy. If all i ever ate was meat i would be thin and sickly. Our fruits and vegetables are of more nutritional value then meat is. Meat is very hard for our bodies to digest especially red meat. That's common knowledge. Vegans are more healthy then meat eaters but i won't give up meat.

    What we do know is that it takes alot of time to digest protein compared to carbs. That's why if you eat a lb of lean steak you will be full for quite some time. We couldn't afford steak in our family when i was a child so we did with the cheapest , fattest cuts of meat. Mom and Dad grilled a steak after we ate our hot dogs and chips.. We ate alot of homemade noodles,bread, soups any kinda food that was cheap and went a long ways for a family of 6. My whole point is 30 years ago we were lean and we didn't eat a primal or low fat or low carb diet. we just freaking ate.

    What i do believe is we need to eat as close to nature as possible all the time. I turn 50 this year and can pass for early to mid 30s with ease. I can do pretty much what i did at 20 years old and i don't exercise regularly and i probably drink too much booze weekly. But hey im happy and i prefer to do what i like more then what others think i should do. There is much more to health then just food. Who wants to live forever? I don't. I do want to thrive in life while i'm allowed to. Thriving means doing what the hell i want because i can.

    I'm not here to piss in anybody's cheerios i'm just expressing openly that there is no perfect diet. No diet to include the PB ensures longevity. All we need to eat is Meat, Veggies, Fruits, Dairy, some Grains and yes even some sugars to thrive. Chocolate is extremely healthy just like coffee and even alcohol is. Grains and legumes have been sustaining life for thousands of years fyi.

    People just need to get back to eating the basic food groups. Stay away from ALL processed foods. Treat sugar products as a dessert instead of a common drink. Soda pop is a huge problem in America. To stay away from processed foods basically means no eating out at Fast Food joints. What pizza? Make it at home with non processed meats.

    One of the most healthy people that ever lived Jack Lalanne didn't eat meat... Just a lil chicken and fish. He was the epitome of health. I have mother in law who exists pretty much on a little rice and broth daily and she is near 90... Losing weight requires simple discipline of consuming less then you burn. No more
    knowledge is needed.

    If i was going to give advice to people who want to lose weight i would say exercise more and eat less. Throw away chips and other things made by a machine, crackers, anything that can't be found in nature. Bread goes back to Biblical times. Unleavened but bread made from flour none the less.

    I personally eat beef, pork , chicken, seafood . If its meat i eat it in small amounts. I eat animal fats ie butter not margarine. I don't drink pop or consume many sugar products. I rarely have ice cream or desserts like pie or cake. I eat about 10 servings of fruit a week 2 cups of rice every day. I've been eating that much rice a day for over 25 years. Rice doesn't hurt or make you fat. Asians eat way more and aren't fat like we Americans are. In ending truth be told there really is no perfect diet or meal plan. The cause of obesity is not rocket science and the cure to it isn't rocket science either.

    The hunter gatherer had one goal. That goal was to survive to live another day. Do you really think he cared about what he put in his mouth as long as it filled his stomach? No The pioneers of America that lived off the land believed the same. I tell you this if my last day was tomorrow i would be pissed if i skipped out on that final piece of pizza or chocolate cake lol.. How long does anybody actually plan to live? I just hope i get to see another day and enjoy one of life's greatest gifts.. Great food. This book was worth my money none the less. Enjoy your life its not forever.

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    So, since you have all the answers, why are you here exactly?


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      and.. why start a new thread?

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      What am I doing? Depends on the day.


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        And why say don't eat processed foods but say you eat grains. Grains are processed to make the edible and wheat is drastically genetically modified.
        Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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          Annnnd if you're so dang smart and on top of things, why is your grammar and spelling atrocious?


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            Hopefully you were able to glean a couple ideas from the book.

            As for stirring up this bees nest... looks like it's fresh out of honey. ;>)


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              cool story bro
              Ye shall know them by their fruits.


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                Congratulations on having a sane approach to nutrition. Unfortunately the MDA forums here have become as dogmatic as any extremist vegan forum. I guess it just goes to show that belonging to a club is most important for human beings.
                You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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                  Originally posted by Grumpy Caveman View Post
                  Congratulations on having a sane approach to nutrition. Unfortunately the MDA forums here have become as dogmatic as any extremist vegan forum. I guess it just goes to show that belonging to a club is most important for human beings.
                  I agree. That's why I left the forum last year. I was hoping to come back and see that things had changed.


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                    lately some of the responses have been unecessarily harsh or plain rude and mean. I'm a newb here and after reading thru some of the responses this morning I considered addressing the issue. Nice to know that some Senior Members understand or remember what it is like to have the "aha" moment as a newb and be excited to share the enlightenment.

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                      You say a lot of things I once believed but once I looked into it I found I was wrong. I hope you spend a little time researching each and every assertion you made here. The truth will surprise you.
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                        I don't intend to be rude when I say this - but there is nothing in your post that is a new idea to anyone on this forum. Eating a diet as unprocessed as possible is the goal of everyone here. How we each chose to reach that goal may be quite different. Most of us would argue that grains are not an unprocessed food and should be avoided, but many people here eat soaked grains, beans, and potatoes and are healthy and thrive on them.

                        So I guess I'm not sure why you posted as if you were dropping some great bomb on all us naive primal eaters. Many of use have come here after a long journey of learning about health and nutrition and have, in fact, tried many different ways. No one is asking you to eat this way, and most of us don't really need a lecture on how to eat.
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