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  • Primal Journal~ Wendy's Journey

    I've been a workout NUT since I was in my teens and am now (gasp) 51. Full body periodized workouts. A bit of a food-Nazi as well (organic, blah-blah). Still ate carbs (I lifted weights, after all, ha.) and always had a lean body. Never had good energy though, always needing a nap after workouts or meals (meals that usually had HIGH carbs like brown rice).

    Eh, it worked great until about 3 years ago when I quit my one vice, smoking the occasional cigarette and the weight came on(only 20 lbs, but none-the-less). So, let's just say that no matter how much I cut cals and how much I was advised to add cardio (while still lifting weights, thankfully)...not one ounce came off.

    Years ago I did a cyclical ketogenic diet and loved when I was on a down cycle with no carbs and hated the up cycle of carb refeeding. When I came across this web site, it immediately made sense (this on the heels of someone suggesting The Zone, which made no sense to me at all). I've ordered the book and been following the food and exercise plan since last Wednesday. Thought it made sense to start a journal and chronicle my go of it. So, here we go!

    I've lost 1.6 lbs since last Wednesday with about 23 to go to goal.

    Today's food:

    Breakfast: 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil, 2 slices bacon, salad with avocado, scallions and olive oil. 1 cup of coffee with heavy cream.

    Lunch: Chicken fingers dredged in unsweetened coconut flakes and sauteed in coconut oil with coconut cream drizzled over it. Cauliflower.

    Dinner will be: Big ol' steak, charred rare with salad with avocado, scallions and olive oil.

    Workout was 30 minutes of low intensity (55-70%) elliptical.

    Craving coconut cream! So glad to be here and read all of your posts.


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    Great day. A little off in terms of sleep last night (thanks to my dear snoring BF) so opted for another low intensity cardio. Miss lifting weights, but tomorrow is it. Looking forward to squats, bench, bent rows, olympic bar shoulder presses, tricep something-or-others and abs.

    Food today:

    Bfast: Scrambled eggs with chiles and scallions, avo and arugula salad with evo

    Lunch: Grassfed NY done rare (yum) and arugula salad, etc

    Dinner: See lunch

    I bought some grassfed steak at the store and thought I should have it twice today since it was so yummy the first time around.

    Only challenge is that I am out and about in different restaurants for my job and sometimes they want to feed me (usually a dessert). It's not that I want the dessert, I just am trying to sell them other things (wine, spirits, beers) and I don't want to be ungracious. So far so good though.

    No hunger. No longer craving brown rice at all. What is everyone's take on fruit? Do you eat it within the parameters of Mark's carb curve? Or, not at all? Or? Just wondering. Not fancying it so much now, but I love summer fruits.