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Recovery for 3 months then back to sqaure one! lesson learned I hope

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  • Recovery for 3 months then back to sqaure one! lesson learned I hope

    "Hi everyone, just thought id share how things are going for me.

    Ive managed to recover my health to about 80% after being sick for the past 13 years. The symptoms I suffered from were constant fatigue, insomnia, headaches, brain fog, anxiety, stammering, digestion problems,stress and asthma.

    After years of dedicated research and browsing around on this forum I managed to gather invaluable knowledge on how to recover my health.

    The tests I had were Hair mineral analysis( aluminum poisoning), thyroid (normal),IGG food antibody test(intolerance's to egg, milk, gluten, processed sugar and corn), and a Candida test(normal).

    So this is what I did, I decided that everything that touched my skin and that went into my mouth had to be organic. THIS WAS NOT CHEAP! this includes things like soap powder, toothpaste, cleaning products and so on.

    I am also attending counseling sessions twice a week (talk therapy and CBT for stress and anxiety. I meditate 3 times a day deep breathing, deep muscle relaxation, and just trying not to think by focusing on your breath.

    The supplements I take are:
    Omega 3,6,9 (flax-seed oil)
    Malic Acid + Magnesium
    Now Super Digestive Enzymes
    Swansons Heavy Metal Shield
    swansons Stress supplement
    sea Kelp Holland and Barrett

    I exercise everyday, slow walks and endurance weights.Some people advise against exercise but im all for it as it releases feel good hormones into the brain, which in my opinion can promote recovery.

    Furthermore, I have generally slowed right down in life. when I speak, I speak slow if people want to interrupt me I let them and when they finish i begin to speak slowly again if i think fast i begin to stammer! im hoping overtime i will being to execute my thoughts quicker and hold a good debate. but my brain has been through so much I keep reminding myself it needs time to heal.

    I walk slow I used to be in a rush everywhere I went, walking really fast to get places as quick as possible and I wasn't even in a rush!

    I eat slowly, I used to eat really fast chewing my food 3-4 times then swallow! this must have put so much strain on my digestive system!so now i aim to chew 20-30 times and take small mouthfuls.

    My brain fog has gone, my insomnia is much better and i feel much more relaxed throughout the day! headaches have gone aswell im so happy!"

    That was then, but now im back to square one. firstly, I felt that great i decided my food intolerances were cured so I decided to STOP taking my supplements and start reintroducing my IGg nasties as it had been 6 months free of any gluten milk and sugar... so i started drinking fizzy drinks what a mistake that was, I started noticing something wasnt right after a few days of drinking it as my legs and arms became very tired weak and shaky but then i became hooked on the stuff to get me trough the day then i thought well I might aswell introduce some dairy and gluten and see how that goes so i decided to order a mcdonalds with a milkshake, i felt mild stomach pain but felt fine enough not to cause any panic so I decided to have a full english every morning to try and help me gain some weight. Low and behold my insomnia returned and the dreaded brain fog.Due to me getting a job I was now under pressure as I had to attend work every morning with little or no sleep and after a few weeks I have resigned due to ill health.

    Im having difficulty accepting it all, I couldnt keep up with my mediatation due to my work commitments but I really want to work Does this really mean I can never eat junk food or refined sugar again?



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    This is not a diet that you go on to heal then go back to your old ways, this is forever. You can't eat that stuff reguarly if you want supreme health! You need to enjoy what you are eating (that is primal) and not worry about what you aren't eating. Find more primal recipes and really enjoy every bite! Think of that when you are confronted with the junk. That doesnt mean you can never have any of it..once in awhile go for it.. For most things you'll find that eventually you wont miss it or it just wont be worth the pain it causes you.

    I dont think all those supplements are necessary IMHO.
    Primal since March 2011

    Female/29 years old/5' 1"/130ish lbs