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    We got rid of all non primal food in the house. It took some some time for them to adjust and there was some fight back, but when there is nothing else to eat the kids will eat. The benefits of my kids eating primal are as follows:
    No more asthma, improved mood, better focus at school-my daughter has a special teacher that comes and reads with her she is so advanced in reading, no snacking, no tantrums, more affectionate, and an overall two happier kids. The transition for me was probably a bit easier as both my kids have celiac disease. I do allow them to have a good amount of fruit and nuts that I do not eat myself and now fruit is the bees knees. They love what other kids will dismiss. It is not easy, but it is not just for you. Your kids will benefit so much from the great choice you've made. Keep it up and you are doing the best for them.


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      I feel the same way about Sarah Fragoso's book, when she says her kids "gobble up" all the delicious meals she makes for them, I just want to throw the book out the window! I mean good for her, but my kids sure don't love the food like hers do. I have not been successful at 100% primal meals with my kids, and I do cook potatoes and rice and bread for them. My compromise is that I prepare everything from scratch so that I know they're getting only good fats and none of the horrible preservatives and PUFA laden crap. Here are some meals that have worked for us:

      Everyday Paleo meatballs and sauce over approximately 1/4 cup rice spaghetti (found at Whole Foods, can't taste the difference from regular spag.)
      Chili- with lots of GF beef, beans, peppers, onions, garlic
      ChocoTaco's chili/garlic sauce chicken sauteed in coconut oil
      Fried pork chops
      Homemade potato fries tossed in paprika, salt, chili powder and onion powder
      Steamed brocolli and carrots
      Curried chicken over small quantities of white rice

      I make my own bread, and they still take almond butter sandwiches to school. I also pack pepperoni sticks, cheese sticks and lots of fruit.
      I make fruit smoothies every night (they used to drink juice): 1 banana, whole cream, whole milk, whole fat Greek yogurt, frozen blueberries
      They have a choice of chicken nuggets or eggs for breakfast. After they've eaten that, they can have cereal with milk if they'd like. 5 out of 7 days they're too full for cereal.

      Good luck, this has been really hard, but we've been making micro-progress.


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        Originally posted by MikkiB View Post
        I have a similar situation, although I didn't go primal until I'd been divorced for several years and my daughter was 13. But we struggled for years with trying to teach her how to eat "healthy" and always getting chicken nuggets and CiCi's pizza at her dads My advice is, you simply CAN'T control what they eat at their mom's, so don't tear yourself up trying to, and don't make negative comments to your kids. Instead, EDUCATE them (gently) about why the foods you prepare are healthy, and talk about how they feel mentally and physically when they eat primal vs. junk. You may not be able to CONTROL their diet, but you can establish a framework of understanding as to what their choices mean. Even my daughter (who has split custody and is 16 now) has started to make better choices when she's with her dad because she knows that she feels better with meat and veggies than chicken nuggets and fries! We've even had the "low carb beats PMS" conversation and I think she's starting to believe me - largely because I don't flip out every month myself

        And ... my condolences. Divorce sucks, even when it's the right thing to do. Best of luck to you ...
        Thanks Mikki ...advice greatly appreciated!
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