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Leptin Reset Redux...what the?

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  • Leptin Reset Redux...what the?

    Could use some help here. What the heck is Leptin Reset, or Leptin Reset Redux?! I see it peppered throughout some of the threads and am not sure just what it is or how I should react to it.

    Is everyone on here who has gone Primal looked into this, or are most of the folks just following the plan and noticing results.

    Any feedback is appreciated.

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    Some vocal people do it, but the minority. Jack Kruse, whose system it is, makes the reasonable point that a big breakfast will reduce your appetite later on, and snacking is a bad idea. Aside from that it's a paleo/primal diet with some other details that may or may not be woo woo. Mark's never made excited noises about it, and nor have the other paleo writers. Though I'm sure its fans disagree, I don't think anyone starting out need concern themselves with it, and the vast majority will see results by following the primal blueprint as laid out by Mark (even the bits that may not be so appealing like eating a lot of vegetables not just coconut products and bacon, and exercising). Hope that helps!
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      Thank you for that...I thought I may have been missing something.

      I look at it this way...this is either going to work or it isn't. Plain and simple.

      I'm generally healthy. I simply I have a nice spare tire that I'd like to lose.

      I'm on my 4th day and I've stayed under 100g of carbs each day. I plan on doing the same today.

      I'm committed to seeing this through...again, thanks.


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        I'd say that there's definitely something to getting used to "not snacking", to learn to expect food during certain times of the day, and to not eat too late in the evening so that your sleep is not hindered by digestive problems. It's even a type of intermittent fasting, since you're essentially eating within a window of about 9-10 hours - not as long as the 16h fast in leangains, but still very similar. Whether it's really all about leptin ... I think that's woo woo, until there's substantial evidence for the claim. It's not all about insulin, either, as much as fans of the Primal Blueprint believe that. Personally I think it's all about eating natural food, and arranging your eating habits in a way that will make you crave, and binge on, unhealthy food. And as such, even though I don't believe in the insulin hypothesis, I can support the Primal Blueprint, since it gets that job done.
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