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  • Water, too much?

    Hi all, first post here, also today marks my first week of primal eating. Enjoying the process thus far and though I've never been a slave to the scale it's telling me I lost 2lbs without exercise but I'm taking that with a grain of salt.

    Quick info about me before getting into my question: I'm a 24 year old male, 5'8 and as of my last weigh in 170lbs. Due to monetary issues I had to stop training Muay Thai after two years of fun and great exercise. At my lightest I was around 145lbs but at my gym there isn't a weight lifting regimen at all (however it's not discouraged, but we were told to NOT lift heavy since in Thailand their fighters use only body weight or small weights so as to not put on too much mass, however in Thailand most fighters fight around 110-130, they're definitely small dudes) I stopped three months ago but that's not the reason I went up in weight, I was about 160 when I stopped training because my eating habits were horrendous (actually, they were just normal... but I did like to indulge and there was a certain green plant that had a lot to do with certain out of character late night snacking, we're not associated anymore)

    I would love to be back to around 150 or so. I'm following the primal blueprint, did sprints two nights ago and today I did a heavy lifting session, heavy within my range since my body was not really used to that. I threw in some crossfit routines I found on the web.

    Anyway, I have an issue with drinking water. I love water itself, I always have it when I eat and I usually have a bottle with me when I'm at school, drink it at work (I'm a waiter) etc, I love it. The issue is that I pee constantly, I'm talking every half hour to an hour I'm going to the bathroom. I've had this issue all my life, when I was a boy in Peru we had to have signed permission to go to the bathroom (military school) and in one instance a teacher wrote to my parents because I asked permission to go entirely too often. This happens obviously more often when I'm taking frequent sips, which is usually the case if I have water with me, but everywhere I go for fitness information, weight loss etc, everybody I talk to they always tell me to drink plenty of water, but if I'm running to the bathroom all the time, is it possible I already am getting enough and my body's trying to tell me that? As silly as it may sound, I feel as though I urinate every ounze of liquid (from any source including veggies) I put into my body. I know this can't be the case, but it certainly feels that way.

    Should I stop worrying about it and just drink a little less? If I make a conscious effort to drink water I'm going to be dealing with constant bathroom breaks. I leave almost every class at College at least once, sometimes twice. If I'm not trying to drink water all day though, life is certainly way more manageable.

    Any insight? I don't want to compromise the efforts I'm making with eating better by not drinking enough water and having my body be dehydrated. That's another concern, sometimes I feel that all the going is going to dehydrate me in the end.

    Sorry for the long post, enjoying my new eating habits thus far, who knew stir fry vegetables could make me forget about white rice so fast! I'm trying to get the family into it too they made fun of me all week for rejecting the rice but they bought more of the veggies from my shopping list this week and maybe they'll get on board.

    I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.

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    Sounds to me like you drink too much.

    If you want to cut back but get dry mouth, try sugarless chewing gum. (Not primal, but considering the small quantities of ingredients involved, I wouldn't sweat it.)


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      Somewhere Mark has a post on water. Basically, it's not necessary to drink the recommended 6-8 glasses. Just think of our ancestors -- they obviously did not have a constant water supply like most of us do today. I would say, if frequent bathroom visits are somehow interfering with your life, then cut back on drinking so much. I am curious, do you feel like you drink out of habit, or are you constantly thirsty? I used to drink pretty massive quantities of water and tea, out of habit at my desk, and pee like 10 times a day. It is a natural response to fluid intake, after all.

      Oh by the way, this part was funny: "there was a certain green plant that had a lot to do with certain out of character late night snacking, we're not associated anymore"

      Everything in moderation, including moderation.


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        Haha, yeah. I would consider weed smoking to be primal, in a ritualistic sort of setting, I'm half-joking there. I haven't done it in a long time because it would ALWAYS end up with me eating the crappiest of snacks. I don't need it in my life.

        I think I'm going to just cut back on it because it can be very annoying. I drink mostly out of habit, because I'm "supposed to" and everybody I trained with that looked ripped always said to drink lots of water but when I told them about my "problem" they said my body would adjust (they also said they didn't have this issue) but obviously it hasn't and thinking back on my childhood it may be something that I'm just predisposed to so taking in extra water only aggravates it.

        Thanks for your replies.

        I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.