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best bacon for primal?

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  • best bacon for primal?

    I just dusted off some Oscar Meyer center cut. It has nitrites, but I wasn't going to waste it.

    What should I be looking for in my bacon? Fresh from the butcher counter? How do I know if the fresh stuff has nitrites? Any major package brands ok on the paleo/primal?
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    Good question !!

    Oscar Meyer Center Cut is what I've eaten for years.... but the sodium nitrite worries me....


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      I just look for uncured bacon. In the US, anything called bacon has to come from cured pork belly (per the USDA), so manufacturers have to use the term uncured bacon when talking about a product that does not have any added nitrites or nitrates. You can get it behind the meat counter at most natural grocers (whole foods, etc.), or if you're very lucky there will be a local farm in your area that sells it. I have bought Hormel Natural Choice uncured bacon in a pinch, but the cuts aren't as nice as what I've gotten from the grocer.


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        bacon is a good food


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          I've been buying Farmland Natural bacon for a while now. The stores around here usually have pretty good sales on it, and I think it tastes better than "regular" bacon. Although I do prefer the taste of bacon from the local meat processors.


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            nitrate free and pastured is best.


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              applegate or niman ranch makes good uncured nitrate free bacon. i think the niman product is sourced from pigs that are raised better. ag is sliced thinner and less salty.


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                Whole Foods brand 365 uncured applewood smoked bacon is like CANDY!


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                  Originally posted by dado View Post
                  bacon is a good food
                  Any bacon??
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                    I did some research on this and found that even uncured bacon contains nitrates, usually via celery powder, which (celery) is one of the vegetables that contains a lot of nitrates naturally. Many vegetables contain nitrates naturally.

                    Apparently, a main concern with nitrates and nitrites is they could possibly convert to nitrosamines during the cooking or digestion process. Nitrosamines are carcinogenic. Burning bacon or cooking it at a high temperature can cause nitrosamines to form during the cooking process. Ironically, microwaving caused less nitrosamine formation than pan frying, depending on temperature [1].

                    USDA requires ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to be added to bacon to prevent nitrosamine formation due to antioxidant properties. You (the eater) could possibly ingest a vitamin C capsule before/during/after eating bacon to help prevent nitrosamine formation. I wasn't able to find out if ascorbic acid is required to be added to "uncured" bacon (which is really cured via celery), which could be worse.

                    It's definitely up to the individual, but personally I have decided it probably isn't necessary to find "nitrate free" bacon (which really isn't true anyways).


                    [1] Nitrite in Meat

                    Other articles of interest:
                    The ?No Nitrites Added? Hoax | Michael Ruhlman
                    Podcast #15: "Are Artificial Sweeteners Safe?" with James Krieger | The Bulletproof Executive
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                      I like Trader Joe's uncured bacon ends and pieces


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                        Bacon can be good - the right bacon.

                        I love bacon, but i usually make it myself. The nitrates aren't my main concern, other toxins like mycotoxins from grain feeding are.

                        The most important thing as with any meat is to make sure it's grass-fed, and to not cook it to death. U.S. Wellness Meats sells an awesome sugar free beef bacon too.

                        Here's a series we wrote on why grass-fed meat is so important:

                        Why Grass-Fed Meat Is Healthier Than Grain-Fed: An Epic Series | The Bulletproof Executive


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                          Wellshire uncured doesn't have nitrates or nitrates, no celery powder, either. It's not pastured, though.


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                            Originally posted by healthy11 View Post
                            I like Trader Joe's uncured bacon ends and pieces

                            That's exactly what I eat! :-)
                            It's a great bargain too.


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                              Originally posted by Sky View Post
                              Any bacon??
                              any bacon. yumm.