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African Mango and Leptin

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    I actually wrote my first blog post on leptin which may prove interesting to some. If you are interested, you may wish to have a look at it, but it is fairly lengthy.

    I also had a thread here on MDA about it.

    To summarize things, if you don't want to chase those links down:

    It is unclear that leptin is a satiety hormone. It is just as likely that it is a hunger hormone which induces food seeking behaviour when the body determines that energy stores are low. If it is indeed the case that leptin levels constitute a low energy warning signal, then you would expect that an organism would respond only to low levels of leptin, once you cross into what the body deems to be the "safe" zone, ever increasing levels of leptin are irrelevant.

    The evidence seems to suggest that this is indeed the case. However, since researchers were hoping to find a cure for obesity in the form of a leptin pill, they latched on to the concept of "leptin resistence." The waters are significantly muddied by the existence., albeit very rare, of individuals with malformed hypothalmic leptin receptors, and individuals with malformed leptin proteins.

    For those with malformed leptin proteins, injecting recombinant human leptin results in this exogenous but functionial leptin binding to the functioning receptor in the hypothalmus where it induces satiety. For those who have malformed receptors, there is not much that can be done. The problem there is with brain structure, which is difficult to address therapeutically. But, in either case, both of these pathologies are very rare.

    With this background ... I don't see how African mango can possibly do anything with respect to "leptin resistance."

    My blog :

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