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  • Constant hunger

    Every time I get serious about this diet I realize I get derailed because I'm constantly hungry. I know this seems stupid -- just eat more -- but it seems I can't eat enough. Honestly i don't like eating so much meat.

    I am intolerant to dairy and eggs, although so far i have been eating some dairy to help stave off hunger. But it will probably sabotage my weight loss efforts and I need to stop. So the fat they can provide is a big loss to me.

    I do exercise regularly so that doesn't help with hunger. Anyway, I don't know if anyone has any relevant advice besides the obvious. I think I just have a mental hurdle with all the meat i have to eat.

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    Hey Beestly, I'm curious -- how long have you stayed on track while starving? When I FIRST did primal I made myself a deal since I had done so many crappy diets. "If I feel like shit, I won't do it." I also decided that during my initial two week period I was allowed to eat as much as I wanted of only the primal ingredients. I ATE SO MUCH FOOD. For two solid weeks I was gorging myself and still hungry. This is likely because I was so carb dependent my body didn't know what to do with the other good stuff and kept wanting the easy carb. After two weeks though my appetite regulated itself and I naturally ate less and less and was satiated.

    I also eat a lot of dairy in the initial stage to comfort my stomach and provide satiation. Actually, I eat a lot of dairy in general. You said you eat it for the fat but there are many other sources of fats to seek out if you're tired of gorging on "too much" actual meat dishes:
    - Nuts
    - Coconut oil
    - Avocado
    - Bone broth
    - Tallow

    Actually it could get to be a long list.... But you see my point I'm sure. It takes experimentation to find what is going to work for you specifically. Even if you get derailed, as long as you keep coming back to it and trying again you're making progress.
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      Thanks for replying! Fat is an issue for me without dairy or eggs. I do use coconut oil for cooking but don't like it straight. I suppose i could add MCT oil to tea or broth and get some that way. I do eat avocados and that helps, as does salmon, but i don't want to overdo those foods. Fatty broths would be a good thing to add. Tallow, just can't do, don't like. Nuts, don't seem to well with too many so i'm avoiding.

      I think i have a mental/financial block to the amount of meat i have to buy and prepare, and just need to go overboard with it at first like you said. I also think i will just allow the dairy while i adjust to help ease the transition. I just got some l-acetyl carnitine and am hoping it will help get me to fat burning mode more quickly and easily. Definitely a lifelong sugar burner.

      My other struggle is i really need my brain for my job and in the beginning this diet makes me spacey. Again, hoping carnitine helps. Thanks for the ideas, they will get me thinking more creatively and whining less.


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        If you had a really crappy diet before, you're malnourished. Now that your body is finally getting what it needs, it's trying to fill that gap that a crappy diet has created. Just go with it, it won't last forever.
        If that's not the case, more fat.
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          I had a pretty good diet before, i was just eating closer to 150 grams of carbs and some grains. Now i'm lower carb and grain/sugar-free. However I have since learned I have adrenal fatigue and was overtraining, so i was definitely metabolically taxed from that and the weight wasn't budging. People keep telling me if i eat more and exercise less i will lose weight, i love it.


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            When I first started I was hungry all the time. The books said if you're hungry eat something primal, so I did. After a while my hunger came back under control. I still eat a lot but no where near as much as I did in those first few weeks!
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              Ok, this is the key that I have missed in the past. My goal is to get to that place where i can comfortably go for hours without eating. Will buy more meat!


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                Originally posted by Beestly View Post
                I had a pretty good diet before, i was just eating closer to 150 grams of carbs and some grains. Now i'm lower carb and grain/sugar-free. However I have since learned I have adrenal fatigue and was overtraining, so i was definitely metabolically taxed from that and the weight wasn't budging. People keep telling me if i eat more and exercise less i will lose weight, i love it.
                I'm a newbie myself and still going through adjustments so don't have that much to contribute, but I started doing the "big ass breakfast" from the leptin reset which requires 50g-75g of protein for breakfast. That really helped curb the hunger. When I first started PB, I ate all the time and thought about food all the time but still managed to lose 6 lbs (probably water weight). So in the beginning while making so many transitions I think it is normal to feel the need to eat all the time because your body feels like it needs to get the sugar high from the carbs it is used to getting all the time. Have you tried decreasing your cardio a bit? I started doing cardio and that was just a huge disaster because that made the hunger monster rear its head and it was not pretty. Perhaps ease up on cardio until your body adjusts to burning fat?

                I'm a transitioning ex-vegetarian and so far I only eat fish so it is possible to do it without the eggs and other meat. If cost is an issue, canned salmon, tuna and sardines are not as expensive as fresh meat. I know it is not ideal to eat canned foods all the time, but it might help while you transition. You could also try buying cheaper cuts of meat/poultry and making stews, chili, etc. Try buying what's on sale and freeze it. It takes a little investment of your time, but your health is worth it. You are worth it.

                I wouldn't worry about the dairy for now- just focus on one thing at a time, there are a lot of adjustments to be made when transitioning to PB from the SAD diet. Just try to eat PB friendly foods until you are satisfied and try to focus on cutting out the sugar, grains and processed foods for now.

                Regarding the added fat, have you tried Bullet Proof Coffee? I haven't tried it myself, but people seem to rave about it and I thought about trying it but I really don't need to worry about adding fat to my diet. See discussion thread link here

                Hope that helps. You may go through carb flu at first but if you can't afford the brain fog, then slowly decrease the carbs or just keep the carbs the same for now but substitute grains and processed foods with PB approved foods.

                It can get frustrating and tiring sometimes, but keep it up until you will find your comfort zone. I'm still dealing with the revolution going on in my body with all the sudden changes in my diet, but I am trying to be patient and experimenting. I think it's important to remember that your body will react differently to others so it is important to also experiment and tweak until you find what works for you. Listen to your body!

                Good luck and don't give up!


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                  For me, I can eat to satiation eating only primal (and believe me that can be a lot of food!) and still drop pounds in the first few weeks. In fact I was doing well, had a plate of pasta and got derailed for a day (pasta and other simple carbs make me ravenous). Ate like a pig - strictly primal and dropped half a pound. I usually find that if I just eat until I'm full and eat a lot of fat - and that's the key - my hunger pangs go down pretty quickly. You don't have to eat a lot of meat to get a lot of fat. I think the biggest fallacy of this way of eating. For example: breakfast this morning was 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 slices of bacon and a whole avocado. I had a salad with feta cheese, kalamata olives, cucumbers, olive oil and lemon juice (I keep a small bottle of olive oil in my office, and I have so many fresh lemons right now - it's a wonderful dressing). The only meat I had was 2 slices of bacon, but I had a good amount of fat. And I was happy until dinner.

                  I fine my calorie intake lowers naturally on it's own as my body realizes it's going to get the food it needs. Within about 2 weeks, I can actually "forget" to eat a meal, and let me tell you, that would never happen without Primal!!
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                    my solution would be to get more fat through coconuts, avocados, olives, and any other foods that you can tolerate that are 'fatty' -- or just add oils to what you are eating, and so on.

                    coconut cream on berries as a chaser to your meal is a really good way to increase fat while not even noticing it. and it tastes really great.

                    i also eat a lot of avocados. I'm fairly low meat (relatively speaking), though I do eat eggs and can also tolerate butter no problem. But most meals I'm using olive oil, avocados, or coconut for added fat.


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                      If you're intolerant to milk, and you're eating it anyway, it's probably at least part of why you're hungry all the time.

                      For one dose of coconut oil, mix it with powdered coconut flakes and nutmeg. It tastes awesome, but do NOT have a second helping because you won't want coconut anything for a week.


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                        I know lots of people say more protein helps with hunger but for me only fat works - eating eggs, avocado, salmon, home made mayonnaise/hollandaise etc, cheese, cream, yogurt, cooking in plenty of butter/coconut oil.
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                          More protein doesn't make me feel satiated like fat does!


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                            I put a spoonful of coconut oil in my coffee / chai / tea with a little heavy cream--(maybe coconut or almond instead of cream for you?)

                            That really helps get my body burning fat and curbs the hunger. It does work
                            and my "I'm hungry grazing" has really dropped off.

                            I also love avocados for this--try a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil right in the fruit
                            once you remove the pit. I dust a little flaked sea salt and the top and enjoy. If I'm really hungry, I will
                            eat a can of olive oil sardines on the side. Delish!
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                              Thank you so much for all the great ideas, and for your personal experiences. It is clear to me i have not been eating enough fat. I remembered that one of the only diets that worked for me in the past was Eat Fat Lose Fat by Sally Fallon. I can't stand doing straight coconut oil however now I have MCT oil, and will try making some bullet proof tea with ghee.

                              Off to costco for avocados!