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Coconut Flour - rarely, sometimes, daily...?

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  • Coconut Flour - rarely, sometimes, daily...?

    I've searched the forum for this but didn't find a similar question. I did find the thread that had a reference to an article that said the phytates in coconut flour were not worth worrying about.

    Suggestions on how to treat coconut flour? Is this a rare indulgence, occasional treat, daily staple?

    I've been eating eggs or meat for breakfast for almost a year and really just want a break. I found this recipe for coconut flour pancakes:

    150 g whole eggs
    1/2 c coconut flour (I use organic)
    1 c coconut milk
    baking soda

    Oh my goodness... what a nice change. The whole time I have been paleo I haven't used any "subs" like this - no nut flour breads or muffins or anything. The serving I made yesterday kept me full for almost 7-8 hours and I really liked it. Is there a problem with eating this pretty routinely until I get tired of it ?


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    I found this website today might have some answers for you.


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      I don't know anything specifically about coconut flour, but my personal philosophy is to never do anything every day. I like coffee, but I drink it 2-4 days per week. I like eggs, but again, not everyday. I just don't think it's good to do anything everyday. That said, if you are eating them every other day, or even 5 days a week and feel great, I say go for it!!


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        ummmm bought some.. its ok. Its a crazy damn polymer though the way it soaks up liquids.. should be used in

        Yet another reason I stay away from faleo recipes now-a-days.

        good luck though

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          I don't think any conventional food made paleo should make up a significant daily part of your diet. A paleo substituted pancake, while probably overall pretty solidly on the healthy side, isn't going to get you as far as a veggie stuffed omelette.

          I look at paleo substituted foods as a treat, or a compromise with a non-paleo girlfriend/family.
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            I organize our food continuum as follows:

            Green - 100% primal, meat & veggies down to berries and Mac Nuts.
            Yellow - some of the controversial veggies like green beans & peas, through processed meat (like bacon) and certain dairy (cream, sour cream, yogurt, cream cheese)
            Orange - aged cheese, coconut products (except oil, which is "green") and high-sugar fruits. Also starches like potato & rice.
            Red - all nuts (except mac nuts), natural sugars, legumes
            Black - high-PUFA oils, Milk, all grain products, and unnatural sugars

            So as you can imagine, we use coconut flour in strict moderation. I think it undermines the philosophy of this way of eating to make too many frankenfoods even if the ingredients are technically primal. A little coconut flour to help bread chicken? Sure. To make cookies or "bread" regularly? No thanks.
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