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What to eat while suffering the stomach flu?

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  • What to eat while suffering the stomach flu?

    I recently came down with a nasty stomach flu, this is my first time while being paleo. doctor tell you to eat crackers, bread, rice, all that "good" stuff. but i know better now xP

    so i just sipped gatorade and sucked on ice chips yesterday, it was all i could handle. today i'm feeling better, but i'm so hungry! D:

    I managed to keep jello and apple juice down, and i know these aren't real paleo things, but i'm desperate guys, an at least i didn't have an all you can eat buffet of grains and starch.

    but what are some foods that fit into the paleo diet that are easy on stomachs during a time like this?
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    i just learned that it's best to eat nothing when you are sick; it interrupts the body's natural healing process (which includes fever, aches and pains, etc.) forget what most doctors recommend; they are treating the symptoms, not the illness.

    now that you're hungry, i'd say go with lighter foods (i had the flu a week to ease back in for a day). probably one of the best things i can think of is garlic soup. here's a link to a thread about it:
    it has broth/stock (go with chicken instead of veggie), garlic, eggs, spices...and it's delicious. it's also light, easy, and makes you feel better. after that, move up to more solid foods like eggs and cooked veggies, then to meat and whatever. i had the flu on monday, garlic soup and gatorade on tuesday, and was back to real food and exercise by wednesday. something in that soup works.


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      Another vote for nothing but water. Gatorade? Seriously?! Maybe that's why you're so hungry!

      When you start feeling better and truly hungry - not sugar water induced hungry - then homemade chicken soup is easy and nice.

      Feel better!
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        what are some light foods?
        like seriously, i don't feel like cooking.
        Eat to live, don't live to eat.


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          I will get flamed for this, but I'd do the Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Tea routine.


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            i'm gonna try eating surimi. not totally paleo, but, protien. and my stomach is rumbling like crazy.
            Eat to live, don't live to eat.


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              Cure your flu or a nasty cold by eating 4 chopped up garlic cloves. Let them sit for 15 minutes before eating them.

              You can mix them into a smoothy, or into your food. Do not eat them on an empty stomach.



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                Just curious, but what do you have: influenza or viral gastroenteritis or food poisoning? Vomiting? Diarrhea? If your appetite is good, eat whatever you want! Gastroenteritis can deplete the lactase from your small intestines, so going light on the dairy is probably a good idea for a week or so. Otherwise, I would eat your routine diet, unless you are vomiting (which is unlikely, if you are hungry!).


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                  I was a digestive mess a few months back, and I stuck with beef broth and white rice for a couple of days. Seemed to "stick" and it was pretty simple.

                  After that, I added in my normal foods, but nothing fancy so I would know if anything was a problem.


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                    Replace the gatorade (sugar aide!) with pure coconut water (with nothing added) - it does the same thing. Coconut water is naturally high in electrolytes and good for you.

                    As for food, I would stay away from eggs, oils, butter, dairy, nuts and heavy protein as they will further upset your stomach. Stick to a light homemade chicken and vegetable soup, possibly pureed in the blender for easy digestion and snack on blueberries and other light low sugar fruits. The soup is easy and quick to make. This is what I eat when I have influenza.

                    The most important thing though is to keep your fluid/electrolyte levels up to avoid dehydration and feeling sicker.


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                      Originally posted by Finnabair View Post
                      I will get flamed for this, but I'd do the Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Tea routine.
                      Me too...once I was hungry anyway. I lived on white rice and applesauce a few weeks ago for a couple days when I was recovering from a stomach bug.

                      p.s. I cooked the rice in chicken stock, which makes it better nutritionally and tastier.


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                        I would fast for a day and then have bone broth until you can handle heavier foods. Definitely no Gatorade! Have coconut water, or make lemon water w/celtic sea salt.
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                          I know this is an old thread, but I ran across it since I'm recovering from a stomach bug right now.

                          Originally posted by tradawg View Post
                          I would fast for a day and then have bone broth until you can handle heavier foods. Definitely no Gatorade! Have coconut water, or make lemon water w/celtic sea salt.
                          This one is right on. I'm pregnant, so I feel like I'm starving even when I can't actually hold food down. So, the first thing I attempt is homemade bone broth. Hopefully, most have a supply of this. If not, and you have bones or a whole chicken in your house, just dump it in a pressure cooker or crock pot, add some salt, and get to making it. It doesn't have to be fancy for this application! You're just trying to survive here.

                          When I can finally keep bone broth down, and I'm sure I'm hungry (usually this is a 12 hour fasting period after the last bathroom visit for me), I will move on to applesauce (no sugar added, of course) and a banana. Then, a few hours later, I may have broth and fruit again, or move on to soup. The crappy thing is if you don't have soup made or you have no one to make it, soup doesn't feel like a real option. In that case, just keep reaching for lighter primal foods you have that you can keep down. You might find that a little protein works better than you think it will. At this point, you should be well enough to be done vomiting, so its just a matter of being gentle with your stomach. That takes about a day or two for me.

                          I know this person is hopefully LONG over the flu, but I figured I'd add my two cents since it seems like everyone out there is getting this mess lately and maybe someone new is searching this post.


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                            Ok, it's not totally primal- but white rice and plain yogurt with honey to taste. Although after reading all the suggestions for garlic, that could also be good for the taste. If you get the good yogurt with live probiotics, it'll help repopulate anything you might have lost with the illness.
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                              Try a bit of intuitive eating. The body is pretty good at telling you what you need.
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