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Do calories from protein count towards weight loss/weight gain?

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  • Do calories from protein count towards weight loss/weight gain?

    Since protein isn't used for energy except in uncommon cases during gluconeogenesis, does protein contribute calories to our diet? I know protein has 4 calories per gram, but do we use any of those 4 calories even?

    I'm trying to maintain my weight because I don't want to lose anymore, so I monitor my calorie intake closely to make sure I'm getting enough daily without overstuffing myself.

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    Yes. But maintenance on a paleo diet should be easy. No counting required. Just eat to satiety
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      I find that I get satisfied before my maintenance level.


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        1) How did you calculate your maintenance level? If you used a calculator those are a vast over-generalization of caloric requirement on a person to person basis. Everyone's different. Someone who is the same as you in terms of body composition, height, weight, and gender may have entirely different caloric requirements from you. I would say as long as your strength/weight isn't suffering then continue to eat to satiety and don't worry about what some calculator says.
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          Consider that you don't really need to fixate on calories. Anything you use to calculate calories will, of course, count protein calories (protein and carbs are both about 4 Cal/g). But why count calories at all? That's the point of primal!
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            Just eat the right amount of protein and continue weight training to maintain muscle mass. Keep monitoring your calories as those that do are most successful at maintenance. You may even be able to know, just by eye, how many calories you are having without having to count.