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Food fights with 6 year old - advice/help please...

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  • Food fights with 6 year old - advice/help please...

    My kids 2 1/2 and 6 have been mostly primal along with me for nearly a year. They are usually pretty good eaters and love their veggies and meat. Over Christmas my 6 year old spent 10 days with my IL's. She had lots of bread, oatmeal, muffins, cookies, etc... I'm guessing a good portion of her diet over this time was grains/carbs. Whatever - it was all homemade, so at least no processed crap. She came home on Sunday. On Monday I had a stomach virus from hell - lasted less than 24 hours and then I was fine. DD came down with it on Wednesday. Yesterday and today have been a fight from hell trying to get her to eat anything other than fruit. She is tired and lethargic and whiney and grumpy and says her tummy hurts. I am pretty sure it is not the stomach virus b/c it was over so quickly for me (and I have an autoimmune condition that usually causes me to hang onto things for ever).

    Yesterday she ate next to nothing - fruit smoothie with some coconut milk and an orange for b'fast. A few bites of ground beef and brussel sprouts for both lunch and supper. She complained all day about being hungry, but wouldn't eat anything and only asked for fruit. Today she ate an orange, and some berries and then I told her she had to eat something else and made her an egg. She made such a fuss, whining and crying that she threw up everything she had already eaten (this isn;t the first time that she's done something like this - she used to do it frequently when she was really little). And now she is hungry again and wants to eat an apple and almond butter. Arghhhh!!!!

    Just so frustrated. What would you feed her in this situation? Do I just give in and let her eat as much fruit (and almond butter) as she wants for the next few days?

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    When my 5 yo does something like that, I tell her she can have it, but after she eats her meat. BUT! Your wee one was impacted with a stomach virus, so maybe she instinctively looks for BRATS. I would try offering her white rice. It is an allowed exception in Paleo/Primal and might help her recovery.
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      That's what we usually do too (they get fruit for dessert). Honestly though, I think she is going through carb withdrawal and so am hesitant to give her rice.

      I gave her some chicken broth with lots of fat on top and a fermented pickle and she had no problem gobbling those down.


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        I would second just going with the BRATS protocol or some very bland/starchy type items. I myself rarely get stomach viruses, if my husband is hugging the toilet for days, I might just get a mild upset for 24 hours and then move on. THAT said, viruses like that seem to upset my gut balance and it usually stays off for a week or two. I try to get plenty of probiotics on board to help get it righted again. My tastes seem to shift while it settles down, I have trouble stomaching certain foods.

        I know there might be a power issue with the IL's diet and shifting back home, but I wouldn't rule out still having a slightly out of balance stomach after being sick. Also, there could be a touch of withdrawals in there after 3 weeks of lots of grains. Maybe make the transition a bit slower in light of the virus that was thrown into the mix.
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          Fruit is good food. At least she isn't asking for cupcakes! Personally, I don't think the extra carbs are nearly as much of a problem for kids as for adults. If it were my kid, I would give her what she's asking for. My son's diet is fruit-heavy all the time, but he is so active and healthy, I don't give it a second thought. She may be wanting gentler foods to let her stomach heal.


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            I agree with Danielle... I really don't think kids' systems have the years of damage/abuse of adults. And their cell turnover is amazing! I would be more of the camp that says too much pitched food fighting is more damaging psychologically than any short term nutritional win. Wean her gradually and matter-of-factly back to the foods you keep on hand. The virusy stuff will run its course. We have actually never MADE either of our children eat much of anything; and we have ended up with two children who are healthy, bold, adventuresome eaters. I also don't push the primal programme; I've made this change recently enough that I just want them to see me enjoy it without forcing it down their throats (literally... hahaha!) Haven't you ever known a very conservative minister's daughter?? Yeah... we've all known one! Now substitute 'food' for 'chastity' and ask yourself, "why go there?" Just my two cents... hope you all feel better soon. xoL


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              I would let her have the fruit. I bet in another day or two she will be ravenous and start gobbling down primal foods. My kids are 8 and 10 and I have noticed that they calorie cycle in their own way and have been doing it for years. They eat light for a few days and then load up.
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                Originally posted by jay_fm View Post
                I would let her have the fruit. I bet in another day or two she will be ravenous and start gobbling down primal foods. My kids are 8 and 10 and I have noticed that they calorie cycle in their own way and have been doing it for years. They eat light for a few days and then load up.
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