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  • Gluten Free products - Primal ??


    Just wanted to check something.

    Have noticed that there is a gluten free section in my local Tesco store. Are any of these considered primal? E.g. gluten free crackers for cheese, bread etc etc


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    I prefer not to, as it's highly processed.


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      Yeah, fair enough!


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        If you have a read of the ingredients, you'll find that most of the gluten-free offerings are packed with sugars and vegetable oils, as well as corn and soya ... (and I shudder to think I used to feed them to my family). Best avoided if you can.


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          Originally posted by Glamorama View Post
          I prefer not to, as it's highly processed.
          Yep same, plus its got a million other things in it I want to avoid.


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            Check the other ingredients, you'll find they usually contain other grains and the usual amounts of salt & sugar and other nasties that other processed foods have.

            We've just stopped eating crackers etc. It takes some getting used to so you could make your own in the meantime....Are you after something in particular?


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              Whenever I scour those shelves, alas, it's all in vain. Soya seems to be in virtually all processed foods these days. And I'm very intolerant to buckwheat which is another common ingredient.

              I'd eat plain white rice cakes from time to time as a convenience food, especially when on holiday, if I could source some. Don't really like them but they'd do as a safe source of starch.
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                I don't "paleo bake" and have no desire to start, but sometimes I just want a cookie or two and the gluten-free cookies are an OK stand-in. There's a brand of ginger cookie that I love and will pick up a box every few months to have a cookie with my tea at night for a few days. Not ideal, but better than a full-on gluten-laden cookie.

                Making GF crackers, bread and other snacks a daily or regular staple of your diet is definitely not primal and you'd probably blow your "20%" quite quickly.
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                  Sorry, primal/paleos can't fake grains any more than vegans can fake meat. Ya just gotta do without.
                  After several months, I still feel odd staring at the empty spot on the plate, but I'm getting used to it.
                  I guess you could fill in with thin potato skins, but only occasionally.
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                    "gluten-free" foods usually contain some form of starch from potato, tapioca or some other source. these starches actually spike your blood sugar more than gluten! avoid!


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                      Even in the book, "Wheat Belly", Dr. Davis says to avoid Gluten Free foods. Best bet is to give up wheat and not replace it with anything.


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                        I concur with all of the above. I really think it's better to focus on what you can have rather than trying to turn your old favorites into even more unrecognizable franken foods. Set your sights on new treats you haven't encountered before. If nothing else - those things are also normally extremely calorie dense and not good for those looking to lose weight aside from the other issues they have.


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                          there are also other wholesome "carrying mechanisms" for foods like cheese-- apple slices, sliced vegetables, turkey or roast beef slices. it's not "cheese and crackers" but if cheese is what you're craving then maybe it won't matter?
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                            All of the above.
                            I would think it would be easier to remove all grains / sugars / processed junk from your diet. Start eating whole foods (that don't come with an ingredients list) and you will be amazed at how easy it is to NOT eat crackers, cookies, etc. no matter what they are made of!

                            I started PB this way - and haven't tried paleo baking or gluten free stuff. I'd rather not have the hassle.

                            The only thing I make when I'm craving crispy is savory sweet potato chips in the oven. no ingredients list. Just a sweet potato, herbs and spices, coconut oil and an oven....oh - an old salad shooter comes in handy!

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