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Polycystic Kidney's and Primal

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  • Polycystic Kidney's and Primal

    My husband and I have begun going Primal about 6 months back now. We feel great and people are noticing and asking questions. I have searched around the site and have not found anything specific on Polycystic Kidney's (PKD). Both my brother and mother have been diagnosed with PKD. My grandmother passed from complications of PKD. I have been checked and my kidneys look good. My mom is really taking an interest in going primal and has been following the Daily Apple. With having PKD in the family the specialists have always advised to stay away from too much protein. So what my mom hears is, eat no protein. Does anyone out there have any good data to support or debunk this. I would love to see my family get into this, but don't want to set them up for something bad.

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    I just wanted to write to say that I am in a similar situation. My husband's father and two siblings have PKD, and while he hasn't been diagnosed, he most likely has it. His blood pressure is high, but he has yet to take any meds. We eat mostly primal, but try to stay away from excessive meat consumption. I wish I had some data to support what type of diet would be best in minimizing progression of the disease. While I've found MDA to be a great source of dietary & lifestyle advice, I was unable to find any other information on how it relates to PKD. I found one other thread asking about this, and figured maybe we could post if any of us finds out anything more.