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Vitamin Drops for children! Advice please...



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  • Vitamin Drops for children! Advice please...

    I want to start giving my 14 month old vitamin drops. She already has an excellent Primal diet, and is very healthy, but as she's only nursing once a day in the morning (I take an excellent supplement designed for nursing mothers, which includes omega-3) I would like to make sure she is getting 'topped up' with vitamins.
    The only problem is that I can't seem to find any children's vitamins that don't contain lots of sugar/sweetener/flavoring! Aside from sweet potatoes and a little fruit we don't eat anything sweet and I don't want to set up a daily sugary vitamin dose when we're working hard to limit the development of a sweet tooth.

    Can anyone suggest a good brand or any other advice?

    Thanks all!

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    I had the exact same problem when I thought about putting my kids on vitamins. Honestly, after doing more research I'm not entirely sure supplements are necessary especially if she's eating a great diet as you mentioned.

    I would recommend checking out

    He discusses supplementation a bit and it's pretty interesting.


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      I would skip the vitamins, in pill/tablet form at least. If they're nursing, even once a day, they're still getting a lot of nutrients from you.

      If you really want to give them something as a boost, I would try the Green Pasture's Fermented Cod Liver Oil and/or High Vitamin Butter Oil (they come in all sorts of different flavors, there's even a gel blend of the two). The FCLO is a good source of Vitamins A and D, and the HVBO has K2. They're in liquid form, so the child can take it off a spoon.

      A few of my clients with nurslings who need to give their children specific supplements for various reasons will buy the supplement in powder or capsule form, and dab a bit of the powder (open up the capsule to get the powder out) on their nipple before breastfeeding. Or put a little bit on your finger for them to suck on.
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