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Toasted nut oils

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  • Toasted nut oils

    Hi all,

    I went to my local oilerie to check out a few flavored olive oils (came home with blood orange infused EVOO - YUM!) but they also offer toasted walnut, almond and hazelnut oils. I'm wondering if these are OK to use from the PB standpoint. They smelled and tasted absolutely lovely and I could think of a ton of uses for them - but before I start a new addiction I want to make sure it's a healthy one first.


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    Hi, I just wouldn't get them too hot, as in cook with them, as the PUFA in the nut oils are quickly oxidized.
    Maybe just use them for salads or finishing off meals with a splash of fat.
    YUM though!

    Oh and here is Mark's post on the subject of oils. He talks about walnut oil in there...
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