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    What should i look for when buying pork? i know that beef should be grassfed, chicken should be free range ... everything should be orgainc. But what about pork. i grew up with pigs and we fed them everything. they are omnivores... but that doesnt mean its the best way, obviously. so what is the best way?

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    Make sure it's not green! I try and buy my pork from a local grower, otherwise I will pickup a tenderloin at the grocery store every once in awhile. With pork (I'm no expert) I don't think it makes a whole hell of a lot of difference, but I avoid anything SmithField just because i think it's a shitty company.
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      I eat pastured pork and the seller always warns me that for cooking purposes it is leaner.

      Factory farmed pork is disturbing. I don't want to put you off it, but I toured a factory farm for work purposes... the waste lagoon is foul. The whole thing is foul. I'd rather eat grain fed beef or even factory chicken. I don't see how they keep the pigs healthy without copious amounts of drugs.
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        i think all factory farms are appalling. thanx for the thoughts


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          I'm lucky, I have a friend who raises 2 or 3 pigs a year for the freezer and I get a side from him. Nearby there is also an organic CSA that I can get a half or whole from too, for a good price. Ask at a local butcher, see if you can find someone raising heritage breed pigs, they are usually kept the way you want them to be.
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