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Yay or Nay? Non-Organic and Grain-fed Organ Meat Sources

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  • Yay or Nay? Non-Organic and Grain-fed Organ Meat Sources

    I buy most of my meat 100% grass-fed, for nutritional, allergenic, and ethical reasons. I don't obsess over an occasional hunk of meat that's from the supermarket.

    I'm also doing a self-experiment right now and am eating an 100% animal-based diet.

    100% grass-fed organs are difficult to source, I can get some, sometimes, including bison/lamb/beef liver, kidney, and heart. They also have high quality chicken hearts and gizzards and feet, which technically aren't grass-fed but I trust the source. I've requested others from my rancher/butcher the next time they process but that could take a while.

    So, the asian store next town has a beautiful selection of offal

    The items I would be interested in are beef sweetbreads, pork melts and some of the duck and chicken (hearts in particular for phosphatidylserine). I'm also considering buying a whole duck (with head and feet) and some fish heads/bones for stock (in search of iodine).

    I used to buy this stuff for my raw fed dog but am unsure about the sources for human consumption...?

    Any thoughts appreciated!

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    not all of us can afford grass fed..

    in the end even corn fed iis better for you than grains and all that crap
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      Thanks for your reply.

      I agree that conventionally raised meat is better than SAD!

      I guess I was referring particularly to the fact that I have no clue on the cleanliness practices of an asian supermarket (I guess other people buy it and don't get sick) as well as toxins particular to organ meat... I'm not sure I would want to eat liver, the detoxification organ, of an unknown source.

      But then, maybe I would, if I didn't have another choice, like with the sweetbreads and melts...? I'm learning more and more that "toxins" is a relative word, as in, if your body is functioning well then it will do fine with some things it's not meant to have inside.


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        Oh, face palm. Livers remove toxins. They do not store them.
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          at the end of the day all you can do is trust in people that you feel deserve it ....

          ive known a LOT of farmers in my life .. and several i wouldnt buy SHIT from, a couple of which tout themselves as "organic" and are certified ... you never know how dirty anyone is, or what they truly do with things ..

          imho if you want good prices on shit like that, go to a nice mexican grocery store where you can see the butchers and what they do ... i have yet to cross over into the offal .. but i might eventually
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            Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
            Oh, face palm. Livers remove toxins. They do not store them.
            I don't see saying that in my post.

            It's the organ that a lot of toxins flow though (according to your words!) and I'm not sure I want to eat that of an unknown source.


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              I would agree with you - in fact, I'm a budding farmer myself, so therefore, I know about many of the practices and what I find acceptable or not. That's also why I buy where I buy - at the ranch and farm. I know my food growers personally and know what I get. I do appreciate their prices as well. I get much better quality for less.

              Good point about going to a butcher where you can see them work. At the asian store, they show their work and it looks clean. Most of the meat they sell is previously frozen, but appears fresh therefore.
              I also know the butcher there and he recommended to never buy from the freezers but at the counter b/c he knows where it comes from and he knows it's good. LOL.

              I think I'll give it a shot sometime next week. Just curious.