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Suger with fat, and sugar without it.

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  • Suger with fat, and sugar without it.

    The day before yesterday, I had 148g of blueberries, with whipped cream - after I ate my protein. The next morning, my blood sugar was the lowest it's been since I've started eating 1x a day(2weeks)

    Yesterday, I had the same amount of blueberries, but without any sort of fat and I ate them first, while I was waiting for my meat to cook. They definitely felt different in my stomach.

    This morning, my number was 114. First time it's been over 100.

    The blueberries were the only thing different on those two days. Same amount of carbs, protein and exercise.

    Turns out that eating fruit with fat is mandatory for me, even when fasting 24 hours every day.
    I had sweet potato in coconut oil today. My numbers should be back down at tomorrow's reading.

    Usually, I'd be pissed and down about this setback, but it's no problem - just a learning experience that I know not to repeat.

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    Exactly. It's feedback, is all.
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      very interesting! i dig it


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        I also find this interesting. Thanks for sharing. Is that your fasting blood glucose, or after you ate? If so, how long post-prandial?


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          Feedback is a good thing. Self-experimentation is important. This isn't an exact science, everyone has to do what works for them.

          My blood sugar stays much more stable if I pair carbs with fat and/or protein. It's a common coping mechanism of hypoglycemics - I used it when I was eating the SAD too.


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            fat slows down absorption (so does fiber) so you should not have the sharp blood sugar rise.
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              Originally posted by yodiewan View Post
              I also find this interesting. Thanks for sharing. Is that your fasting blood glucose, or after you ate? If so, how long post-prandial?
              Fasting blood glucose.


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                Awesome to hear. I started to eat blueberries as a snack, without my usual heavy whipping cream because I thought maybe the fat/sugar combo would cause weight gain. And then I read an resurrected post by dado about chilling out and so I started back with my post dinner blueberry and cream yumminess and now I will continue knowing that it is better for me.


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                  If you're doing relatively low-carbohydrate, then yes, eating fruit with fat may be beneficial. If you're doing a higher-carbohydrate regime, however, this is probably not such a good combination. The problems associated with fat + carbs come from eating LOTS of fat with LOTS of carbs.


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                    Interesting info

                    On this topic, does anyone know if combining Fats and Carbs makes more insulin in order to 'get the carbs out'?
                    I read that in a book, but I don't believe it...


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                      Well, the B.S. was 1 point higher today - so not back to normal.
                      This probably means that if my level is too high, I need to take it easy on the carbs and let it go back down.

                      Looks like I'm going to have to go back to 20-25g for now. No problem.