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So, why the heck can't we Canadians get grass-fed butter?!

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    Originally posted by lemontwisst View Post
    It can be imported (not illegal) but, like patski said, the import tax on it is up to 300%. Since no one would pay you the $16 you'd need to charge for a $4 half pound of butter just to cover the cost of bringing it in to the country, it's not worth it to anyone to import it.

    The regulations in place regarding dairy products were created to protect the interests of Canadian dairy producers. Unfortunately, there are also regulations over weird things like the max milk fat percentage butter can have, which is lower than butter found elsewhere, like Europe.

    You also won't find any butter labeled as grass-fed because producers simply can't let their cattle graze year round if the grazing lands are covered in snow. As soon as they supplement the cow's diet with some other kind of feed, they can't say it's grass fed anymore. There's some good info on the Organic Meadow website: Organic Meadow - Why Organic? » FAQs

    Yes, I get that it's a bit odd I took the time to find out this much info about goddamn butter
    Pretty cool actually. Dad told me that regulations had to do with the type of butter allowed, but he couldn't tell me that they specifically governed the fat content. Le sigh. Canada does suck sometimes.
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      Finally found real grass-fed butter right in Montreal!

      I tried all the so-called grass-fed here in Montreal. L'Ancętre, La Beurrerie du Patrimoine and Organic Meadow. Now that I tried the real grass-fed butter, it is probably one of the best butters I have ever had in my life. Almost like the butter I once had in Eastern Europe. Yellow, delicious and a taste changer. The butter has no label (as it can't be sold at the stores) but wow!

      The guy who I got it from is a very down-to-earth entrepreneur and follows the suggestions of this business man in California on improving energy level. He orders large amounts of this butter at a time for himself and his friends from a farm in New Brunswick. I have heard "he is always happy"! no wonder!

      This is his phone number. He told me with prior notice he can get more for other people who want it but please realize that he is not a store. He himself is a consumer. Bon appetit!

      514-515-8811 — His name is Fab


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        I know a Canuk who drinks raw, unpasteurized, grass-fed dairy by the gallon. He can obviously find that, so... You can make your own butter!

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          why on earth would you post a private phone number on a public message board that regularly gets flooded with mad spam?
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            Leida ''Well, that's the only good thing that came from Quebec's ever so special.''

            What does your comment mean?
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              Originally posted by Metric View Post
              My favourite Ontario dairy is Harmony Organic. home They have video's from the famers etc. Check out the site. I love their products!! I make butter with their cream. YUM!
              I did think about making butter from organic raw cream. How long did it take? Any tips?
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                Depends on your equipment. I got tired of making butter when every session started with separating the cream from the goatmilk, then churning COLD cream (while waiting for cream to cool, I could always idle away my time washing said separator!;-)) When I had a large cream bottle churn with wooden paddles, it would still take an energetic 20 minutes or so. Finally I got tired of the time element and took an awful shortcut. I dumped the cold milk into my Vitamixer (never tried any other hi-power blender, but think it could work), and buzzed for about a minute.The cream went all lumpy, I scooped it out and drained it. Voila! unsalted butter. True , it wasn't traditional, and rather wasteful of cream, but you could still use the leftover milk if it got cooled again fast, and I had enough butter to keep me happy for a couple days. And slightly aged cream made the most delicious and attention-getting butter you've ever tasted.


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                  i dont know but its become expensive as F in NZ. you use to be able to get lamb and butter as a staple in NZ. now they are 2 of the biggest exports its so damn expensive.


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                    I go over the line and stock up on Organic Valley 'Pasture Butter'. It's only available May thru Sept. I see no reason why a Canadian dairy couldn't do the same.....