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    Here's the deal:

    I went Primal at the beginning of Summer, 2011. I managed to get down to my lowest body fat ever (Women's size 4/6 - good muscle tone - could go and go for hours). School started and my body fat slowly started creeping up (I'm going to attribute this to eating too much + being excessively stressed out) even though I was exercising primal style and still eating primal foods. So, at the end of December, I decided to start doing the Insanity program. I've completed the first month and I think I actually managed to gain fat (and I was keeping a closer eye on what I was eating). Is it possible that it was too much "bad" cardio and that it actually promoted fat storage - even with all of the calories being burned?

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    Could be. I've done Insanity twice. It's a tad over-the-top for cardio with Primal eating (IMO). Of course, you could always try to increase carbs (sweet potatoes, and I see people suggesting white rice a lot) and see if that changes things. Stress/sleep possibly hurting as well?


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      My stress level was definitely up and what's interesting is that I decided to discontinue Insanity after month one and suddenly I can sleep through the night again. It might not be a causal relationship but I'm also not as stressed out and I have the energy to do the other things I like (yoga, indoor rock climbing). Over the summer, low carb + IF + LOTS of low level activity + uphill sprints + two full body strength days did the trick for me so I think I'm going to try to go back and adhere to that as best as I can and then when I get back to where I want to be, maybe I'll pick up Insanity again for the conditioning because it is a fun workout and my CV endurance improved.


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        What time of the day are you exercising? If I were to do insanity at 5pm and expect to fall asleep at 9, it wouldnt happen.


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          Inability to sleep would be indicative of chronically elevated cortisol. Trying to do insanity while low-carb and on a caloric deficit and dealing with college is a recipe for overtraining and adrenal fatigue.

          I did a modified insanity for two weeks last summer when I wrenched my back bad squatting. High intensity bodyweight conditioning was just what I needed at the time; but I only did it 3 days a week for two weeks. It still kicked my ass.

          Do you have dark circles under your eyes? Do you feel lethargic all the time?

          Take a week off, relax, throw away the scale. Try to take a long walk/hike a few times a week, head out with friends and do some rock climbing and enjoy yourself. And EAT.

          Give yourself a couple of weeks to recover before starting up the sprints and heavy lifting.
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            It’s called “Insanity”. That should be your first clue.


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              Sounds more like you are not eating enough for Insanity program needs. Not eating enough can promote a skinny-fat appearance.


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                Originally posted by The Scott View Post
                What time of the day are you exercising? If I were to do insanity at 5pm and expect to fall asleep at 9, it wouldnt happen.
                It was always early evening because of my school schedule but I noticed that Insanity didn't wear me out mentally when I was home for Christmas and was doing it mid-morning. It was actually energizing at that time of the day.


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                  I did have noticeable dark circles - had to pull out my old dark circle cover up from my 5AM treadmill days. I did start to feel a bit lethargic during my study times (just like I did when I was running in the mornings, last year) and after doing Insanity in the evenings I would have energy for about 2 hours before I'd start to crash out.
                  I took a couple days off after I decided to stop Insanity and now I'm easing back into my old Primal program. Wednesday was easy 20 minute yoga + a 30 minute walk to class; Thursday was a 30 minute walk to class + 60 minutes or so of rock climbing + 20 minutes of easy yoga in the morning; Today was 60 minutes of walking total + a good LHT session. I'm happy to say that my LHT hasn't really suffered. It will take me maybe another 2 or 3 sessions to get back to what I was lifting before Also - I'm very excited to get back into doing IF - I actually miss it!


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                    I do Insanity but only 3 days a week. I love the muscle tone it has given me but find my muscles really need to rest a day in between. Also, even though i have been doing it for almost a year, I never moved to the second set of workouts (month 2) the fisrt set resultyed in excellent muscle development all over my body and I feel strong and fit so why push myself to exhaustion?