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    Can anyone recommend a good container for transporting food to work for lunch? Something compartmentalized is preferred. Spill-proof would be nice, but not necessary.

    Suggestions for soup containers are also appreciated.

    As I'm sure it is for most of us, my ability to adhere to a way of eating that I've prescribed for myself is strongly linked to me preparing my own food. I'm just trying to get all of the pieces in place so that I have less of an opportunity to make excuses for not doing so.
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    I just switched to pyrex. They have a high quality line that has spill proof lids. They aren't compartmentalized, but they have pretty small ones so you could just bring multiple containers.
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      there are some nice glass ones out there with spill proof lids, as well as some nice stainless steel containers. we use both


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        Pyrex is awesome, especially the lidded ones. You might also look into wooden Bento boxes with silicone lids. I have no clue as to what brand to look for with that, though, as the majority of our stuff like that is reusable for a different purpose or was "free"- glass jars from spag sauce and jellies, yogurt containers, these tupperware knockoffs our favorite chinese food came in back in college (the food was cheap and the containers were the icing on the cake for poor college kids), dishtowels, tulle net bags I've made, etc.
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          For semi-wet stuff (leftover taco meat, for example), I send Hubby to work with Lock N Lock containers. They are plastic, but they have a great sealing lid that does well with containing moisture. Also, they have a variety of sizes and some that have compartments.

          At home, I use pyrex glass bowls with plastic lids. I sometimes send these with Hubby's lunch, but they are kind of expensive and I'm always afraid he'll lose one. Also, I don't think they're totally leak-proof for stuff like soup. But they do ok with semi-wet stuff.

          For things like soup, I use a stainless steel thermos type thing. The lid screws on tightly. Of course, it can't be microwaved, but it does keep food warm for a while.

          I also use stainless steel bento box type things if everything I'm sending is basically dry: olives, leftover roast meat, jerky, orange segments, stuff like that.
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            you need steel


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              Lunch bots or something like that are awesome. Made by a paleo mom who was looking for better/safer way to send food for her kids. Also, mason jars work well for soup/stews. Take off the lids and microwave.


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                yea glass is good too


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                  I have the pyrex and it is great- you can also use them to cook in (without the lid- they are oven safe to a certain degree). I used to use plastic and they ended up getting thrown out, lost, whatnot. I find I keep better track of my Pyrex. I got a 6 container set from Target on sale for like $15.

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                    If you like plastic, Ziplock has a compartmentalized container with one lid (they don't show the lid, but you get the idea). says that this is BPA-free.

                    Laptop Lunchbox is cuter and is made of stonger plastic, but it might be a bit small.

                    Also, the separate containers and lids are a bit of pain to keep track of.

                    These are the Lunch Bots, mentioned above.

                    It's obvious that a Paleo invented it, because there are only two compartments for meat and salad and NO compartment for starchy side dishes. However, steel is no good in the microwave at work.

                    I'm having trouble finding a single bento-style box in glass or ceramic. Either they are separate containers, or the compartments don't have good lids. I think the ideal would a Pyrex version of the Ziplock container above, but it doesn't seem to exist. I suspect it's only a matter of time before it appears.
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                      oxide, a portable glass bento-style box is exactly what i was hoping to find! as you mentioned, though, this doesn't seem to exist.

                      you all have provided some great alternatives though. i'll probably try both the pyrex and the lunch bots. i'm not a microwave fan, so the steel shouldn't be an issue.