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Please help - Need advice re; the amount of fat im including in my diet.

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    Your ratio looks good. I eat a little higher fat than that, but that's just due to my total calorie intake being much higher.
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      Originally posted by BestBetter View Post
      I know that most of the folks on this forum embrace high fat, which is something neither I nor my husband do. We've been stricter paleo for around 8 months, and we only eat lean meat and in general use little fat (coming from sources like oily fish, olive oil, coconut oil, avocados or occasional nuts). Neither of us feel good eating higher fat - in fact, if he eats a dinner that's high in animal fat, he is usually up half the night and then doesn't want to eat the next day because he feels nauseated by the thought of food. Not everyone thrives on high fat, just like not everyone thrives on eating lots of fruit - what's too high in fat for one person might be just right for another.

      If you feel healthy and you're getting results with the way you're eating, then there's no need to worry. If your health goals stall, then you could try reducing fat or calories.
      I thought I was the only one who doesn't love a lot of fat. The thought fatty meat makes me ill. I do believe for many (most?) people it is really good...but I just feel ill eating it.