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Printing a recipe from the recipe archives?

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  • Printing a recipe from the recipe archives?

    Hi All, this may be a dumb question, but I would like to print a couple of Mark's recipes and I am looking for a "printable view" or something similar so I can print without all the comments & ads... is this do-able? Thanks much!

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    Yes, lots of ways to do it. I do it on my iPad even. Use your mouse to select the text you want, then copy and paste it into a txt file.
    Or, email the page as plain text. On my windoze computer, I installed Acrobat printer so I just print to a PDF which I can save in a folder. We live in a paper less house here and I do not have a printer.

    If you have an iPad there is a wonderful app for recipes. I paste them there, or into pages. Which I can sync with my Mac. let me know if you need more help.

    Oh, you can use Firefox addons Adblock plus and No Script to get rid of the adds, but you need to not block the google apis or the search will not work.


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      Thank you so much! I have a Mac also.. but no iPad (yet)... I like the cut & paste idea