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Pizza toppings nutritional information estimating.



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  • Pizza toppings nutritional information estimating.

    Recently I have been in situations where I am served large amounts of pizza, and am forced to scrape the delicious toppings off (usually cheese/beef/chicken/bacon mixtures), and make due with a bowl of meat and cheese. Usually, I eat just enough to be full (6-7 pieces worth) and don't feel like I just ate a lot of carbohydrates. However for the purposes of my food log I am trying to estimate the calories and carbohydrates in each piece.

    One piece normally bread and all including the toppings is estimated at 250-300 calories and 34 carbohydrates depending on the type of crust, toppings, and size of pizza.

    So far I figure the following is a semi-accurate per slice on a large pizza if you scrape the toppings into a meat salad:

    - 175-200 calories in toppings per slice.
    - 2g from the meat choice, bacon or beef, chicken. Add 3 if it has a combination of veggies.
    - 3g per piece from the sugar in the red sauce usually baked into the toppings in abundance and depending on who it is from.
    - 2-3g for cheese. Most places use shredded mozzarella/cheddar.

    I think these estimates are pretty lenient, but I am looking for other opinions and correctons based on your own experiences.


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    Too many variables. Just curious, what kind of situations are you in where you're forced to eat pizza?


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      this isn't a keto diet...

      you gotta cut that crap out. how are you 'forced' to eat pizza? and no, i have no clue what the nutritional value is of the scraped-off shit.


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        Eat the whole slice of pizza if you can or order gluten free. You can eat a cheat meal once a week if you wanted to.


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          Is there a salad bar available? That may have some better options. If so, perhaps sneak in some boiled eggs and a can of tuna and add them to a large bowl of raw salad vegetables.

          If not, you'd be better off eating appropriate food you prepared yourself either before or after, and just asking for a black coffee at the meal.

          Is this work-related forced pizza consumption, where the company is paying, by any chance?
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            I worked at a place where we had regular 'pizza lunches' that the company paid for. I didn't eat anything (drank a bottle of water), and no one cared. I normally didn't eat lunch, but if I did, I would just have brought my own to those lunches. No one can 'force' me to eat anything I don't want to eat.


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              Is this like a freshman hazing ritual where if you don't eat the pizza they'll shave your head on one side or something? I don't understand the premise - if this is frequent enough to require calculating in fitday, your priority has to be to find a way out of the situation.
              If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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                Say "no thank you." And even explain why if they give questioning looks (and they probably already give you questioning looks b/c fo scraping everything into a bowl.
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