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Count down to one month without artificial sweeteners....



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  • Count down to one month without artificial sweeteners....

    Just a couple more days and it will be a whole month in which I consumed NO artificial diet equal/splenda in my sprinkles over my fruit or in my yogurt (well, no yogurt either)....

    I know this is a bit of shameless horn tooting but I am so happy that I am breaking this habit!

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    How do you feel? Notice any differences?

    Details, we need DETAILS



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      In general, I feel great. I know a lot of that is elimination of grains, which have never sat well with me anyway. As far as the sweetener goes, there are times that I really want to stop at StarBucks for a non fat latte with two splendas but I get over it.

      I still have not gotten to the point of using high fat dairy. I am doing quite well with black coffee or with some coconut milk. I also notice that the times I want a diet soda are when I am I go to bed.

      I also notice that I am waking up without my alarm clock! So crazy for someone that was a chronic snooze button pusher!