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Is dietary cholesterol necessary after infancy?



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  • Is dietary cholesterol necessary after infancy?

    I'm looking for any studies that can answer a certain question I have regarding dietary cholesterol and was hoping that you all could help me. Is dietary cholesterol necessary for a human being once they are weaned from breastmilk? I know breastmilk has significant amounts of cholesterol so it only makes sense that it is a vital nutrient for an infant. If cholesterol is necessary for other stages of human life, what are the best sources and recommended amount?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Cholesterol can be obtained from diet but the body makes most of its cholesterol. Cholesterol is a vitally important fat used in the production of hormones, cell walls etc...without it we would not be here.

    If you eat following the Primal Blueprint you will get your share of dietary cholesterol in the animal meat and fats you consume.
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