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tips for sticking primal while travelling!

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  • tips for sticking primal while travelling!

    hey everyone im going to be travelling all over for about 4 months or so, asia-india-parts of europe and if anyone has any tips on keeping primal and not spending a fortune itd be appreciated!

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    Best advice - try to eat local traditional food as much as you can. I had no issues finding primal food in India, although you won't find a lot of beef (they'll have chicken, mutton, and other assorted proteins - I even had yak meat up in the Himalayas!).

    I'm always an adventurous eater when I go overseas, but I also bring really strong probiotics with me in case I get ill. If your trip were a bit shorter I'd say to bring some of your own food (homemade jerky, canned fish, etc.) but you'd need to bring a lot for 4 months and probably don't want to lug it all around!
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      Its pretty easy in most places in Asia - although avoiding vegetable oil and soy sauce may be a problem haha! One of the best things I did when I was in Cambodia recently was to go to the market and get a knife along with some vegies/fruit that you can cut it up yourself for snacks. Also, most markets have nuts for pretty cheap which you can stuff into your bag for bus trips and what not.

      All over Asia you will find bbq places - go silly at them! Its mostly chicken and pork at them but its good and cheap. If there are bbq sticks that are pre-cooked, ask them to heat it up again for you to make sure its hot and germ free. Street food in Thailand & Vietnam is amazing and the food is usually super fresh and cooked on the spot. Stir fries and curries without the rice (or rice if you eat it), eat soups without noodles. Avoid anything deep fried (e.g. chicken pieces) as it will be not only coated in flour and whatever else, but it is bound to be under cooked and filled with bacteria. I have been sooooo sick from deep fried chicken in the past!

      Also, remember that a traditional breakfast in Asia usually involves meat - bbq pork, stir fried meat, curry with blood jelly & intestine stew are just some of them - so go nuts. Cambodia's bbq pork is amazing, Thailand has some killer pork sticks that are done with sticky rice usually, malaysia has curries with roti but just ask for rice instead.

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        +1000000 at the yak meat. I went to Sichuan one summer with my family and it was the BEST MEAT I ever tasted. Ever. I literally gorged myself on yak meat and yak milk during that trip and reverted back to eating ramen for meals when I got back to Shanghai XD
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          It depends somewhat on where you're going - having spent several years in China/Japan I have some ideas , but specifics may vary from country to country, and depending on where you're staying. If you have the opportunity to cook for yourself it's pretty easy, otherwise it may get harder. Breakfast was usually the easiest, other meals could get trickier.

          Bamboozel's advice is pretty good for a starting point. If you're not in a situation where you're obligated to eat for the sake of politeness, IF'ing is always an option. BBQ-style places are definitely all over the place in China and Japan. In both countries as well, there are generally good options without rice/noodles if you know how to order them. If you have friends/co-workers that can speak/read the language and help you out, it makes it easier figuring out what you're getting.


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            thanks this will help. alas i shall have no translators but ill figure it out! haha