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One reason I miss Milk

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  • One reason I miss Milk

    On nights like would help me to pass out and get to sleep. ZZZzzzzZZzzz. .

    Anyone else miss this? found a remedy?

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    I've never tried it, but a friend of mine at work warms up almond milk and says it does the same.


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      Why not have a warm glass of raw milk?


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        I had just this problem the other night, so I snuck into the kitchen for some coconut milk. Didn't think to heat it...just drank it straight from the container. Yum. Did the trick.
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          Originally posted by tarek View Post
          Why not have a warm glass of raw milk?
          Or better yet raw goat milk. Easier to digest, less inflamation issues. Closest thing to mother's breast milk you can get!


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            Why don't you drink milk? Does it not agree w/ you or are you just following the program? I still have a little dairy. And sometimes, I just need a little bit of milk. Not much-about 1/2 cup usually does it. Not every day. So then I don't sweat it at all.