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Can't get rid of foggy brain

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  • Can't get rid of foggy brain

    So I've been primal about 4-5 months now and have had some great changes (weight loss, better energy, better hunger management) One thing that hasn't changed, unfortunately, is my ability to focus. People on these boards keep saying their focus is much better, but I still frequently have the old "brain fog." I've tried introducing some black coffee or tea into my diet, but caffeine just tends to make me feel super jittery and anxious. So, is there any sort of advice, nutritionally speaking, which is known to help lift the fog? I usually eat low carb, except on heavy workouts where I'll carb refeed with potatoes or white rice or something. Other than that I'm generally good about following the guidelines and get enough to eat. Lift 3x a week and have recently started sprinting. Thanks!

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    Have you considered getting your iodine levels and thyroid function checked? I think those are at the bottom of my brain fog. I was surprised when my blood tests showed poor levels of thryoid hormones, but it explained the fog, hair loss, occasionally stammering, hoarseness, and lack of energy. So that's what I'm working on. I'm sure there are other possibilities that you'll hear about, as well.


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      Do you take fish oil?


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        Sea salt in glasses of water twice a day, some liver a few times weekly, sublingual B12 supplement. All things that helped me, like you I started feeling foggy after 4 months of PB