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Sugar Isn't The Problem. You're The Problem.

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  • Just glad this discussion is even taking place on this forum. To the OP - appreciate the initiative.


    • Originally posted by Zach View Post
      IMO, nuts, seeds, lard, bacon, turkey, veggies, fish oil.
      All things I'm thrilled to be done with. And chicken and salmon also.


      • I was told to start eating paleo/primal because of insulin resistance, but I still eat a degree of carbs every day, although I keep it within the 50 to 100 g. for now. I seem to remember reading that if you are where you want to be- desired weight, health whatever that you should bump up your good carb intake to an average of 100 to 150 g of carbs a day over the week or month. As I recall, in the original post, he was averaging about 150 g. carb a day over time. So, really, that jives pretty well for the plan that Mark advocates. Here it is:

        How many carbs should I eat each day? | Mark's Daily Apple

        As far as carbs go, the occasional sweet potato helps me (in the short time I have been eating this way, only three weeks at this point) not go crazy thinking about the things I shouldn't have that I used to eat. I think you adapt it the way that it makes sense for you to do. Carbs are not inherently evil, but people are going to incorporate them differently. If you don't handle them well, you won't use them as often. If you are relatively healthy, you can do more. That is kind of the beauty of this plan, it is relatively easy to change things here and there to make it work for the long haul. Life is not static, it is dynamic and over your life you will need to adjust how you eat. Carbs are a part of that equation (obviously from good sources). Just like protein and good sources of fat.
        "The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."- Ralph Waldo Emerson


        • Pumpkin and purple skin- white flesh sweet potatoes are the best tasting foods bar none. Ive changed my eating pretty dramatically. I warn people like me, normal weight, looking to improve health to not stick to vlc any longer than it doesnt feel right or symptoms start appearing. By symptoms i mean just not feeling right in general, unsual or uncomfourtable living.

          Balance is key at the end of the day, applys to all things in life, dont just think of primal as being diet related and get too caught up in foods and whatnot. Think of the big picture, enjoy things for what they are and that includes food.

          All you need to do is compare a potatoe to a snickers bar, and you will see the right path.


          • Very nice post @zizou. My thoughts exactly - after suffering.

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            • From the complete log of my diet:

              A few months ago: 3000-4000kcal/day. 4-7 glasses of water a day. High protein, high fat. Carbs at 100-150g/day. Waist 26", hips 37-38". Weight of 63kg. No inflammation issues.
              Past two months: 3000-4000kcal/day. 4-7 glasses of water a day. Lower fat. Still high protein. Carbs at 300g/day. Waist 30", hips 39". Weight of 66.5kg. Fat around stomach inflamed. Heavy water retention. Fatigue.
              Type of foods didn't really change either.
              Day 3 of keeping carbs under 150g/day: stomach flatter, fat denser (water levels dropping), energy returning.

              Body-fat-%s, activity levels, weather and caffeine intake have been moving around, as usual. This is the first time since January that such a radical change happened, even though everything is continually moving around. The main difference is higher carbs.

              I wouldn't say carbs are 'the great evil of the modern diet', but I would say everyone's body works differently and that some people (such as myself) are adapted to not receive much in the way of carbs 80-90% of the time.
              Perfection is entirely individual. Any philosophy or pursuit that encourages individuality has merit in that it frees people. Any that encourages shackles only has merit in that it shows you how wrong and desperate the human mind can get in its pursuit of truth.

              I get blunter and more narcissistic by the day.
              I'd apologize, but...


              • Originally posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
                I would rather eat healthy things that aren't paleo than unhealthy things that are paleo. Paleo is an interesting (mostly fictional) story and a decent starting place for most people. It was for me. But you have pun intended...evolve your thought process past that. Nearly everything about "Grok" is a wild assumption. You have to take a whole-foods mindset and experiment to find out the foods that best nourish you. Chances are it's probably a lot less burgers and fries and a lot more steak and potatoes, and if you're like 99% of the population and can't be a totally perfect eater, chocolate is probably a great treat to give you mental diet breaks.
                Agreed. My very good friend is a biological anthropologist and I have discussed paleo and primal eating with him in detail. He has delved into the subject that we do not know for sure what early man ate, and that many foods that were probably eaten aren't even still around. I could go more into things, but frankly don't care to because I'm not in a debating or educating kind of mood at the moment. But I do agree that things are an assumption -- now while I think it's great that it's inspiring more people to eat better, I wish more could at least admit that overall these things aren't known enough for us to know for sure we are eating what they would have in that time period. If my friend who is an expert in his field isn't 100% sure, we can't be either.

                Loved your original post by the way Choco!