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LDL record.........not one that I want

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  • LDL record.........not one that I want

    so I've been pretty much primal for almost 2 years. i look at this site about every day. I often read posts in teh forum where someone says their cholesterol is high, and then they post their numbers and they are pretty average, maybe just a bit above DR. recommendations.

    Well mine is pretty high.
    LDL - 297
    HDL -44
    Tri - 77

    Anyone else similarly high?

    They're pattern A, but wow, thats a lot of beach balls. am I a goner?

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    I don't think you are a gonner. Is that LDL calculated?
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      not sure what you mean by calculated. but its just the number on my panel results

      LDL - 297 where normal range is <130


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        The question is - did they actually test your LDL or just use math to guess it based on your total cholesterol, trigs and HDL?
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          I assumed they tested LDL, how would i know that? It's from a VAP test from Quest diagnostics


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            Originally posted by tac99us View Post
            I assumed they tested LDL, how would i know that? It's from a VAP test from Quest diagnostics
            If it's VAP or NMR then I'm pretty sure that means it's measured directly. In a standard blood draw, LDL isn't measured directly and is calculated based on the Friedwald equation, which notoriously gives a falsely high LDL for people with low triglycerides. The Iranian equation is more accurate.

            Anyway, I would say don't worry about it. It's just a number and really, high LDL itself isn't tied to any disease. Mark did a series of posts recently where he pointed out that results from these tests are VERY innaccurate, so you'd be unwise to base any changes to your diet or exercise routine based on these numbers:
            How to Interpret Advanced Cholesterol Test Results | Mark&#039;s Daily Apple