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Yet more Leptin Reset Questions...

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  • Yet more Leptin Reset Questions...

    I've read over the leptin reset protocol and had some general questions:

    1. I noticed that Dr. Kruse says to not exercise unless it is after your last meal. I'm in physical therapy 3x a week, and no way I can get this in before my last meal. Is that a big issue? PT regiment is 15 minute bike (with resistance) warm-up, followed by 40-50 minutes of various resistance work on the shoulders, then 10-15 minutes of ice.

    2. Meal timing - I have no problem with eating within 30 minutes of waking up, but my next meal may not be for another 5-6 hours, and then another 5-6 hours. He suggest 4-5, but is that a minimum suggestion?

    3. Finally, trying to decide if this is something I should do. I'm 6 weeks into primal, no pounds shed in the last 3 weeks. I lost 9 first week, 2 second week, 1 third week, and have lost nothing since. I'm definitely not over-eating...if anything I tend to under eat for my activity level (but hey, I'm full). Carbs stay well under 100g/day. I know sleep may have a bit to do with it, but I usually hit around 7 hours a night, which leaves me fairly refreshed. I'm taking some measurements this weekend to see if I'm losing inches although weight is not coming off.

    Stats: 5'10", 178-179 lbs. BF an estimated 18.3% based on caliper readings as of 2 weeks ago.

    I guess what concerns me is if I'm not burning body fat, than my CW diet last year worked much better. I started out on the same tract as I did last year as far as inches with faster weight loss this year, but last year I lost consistently each week, and do not seem to be doing that with primal so far. I guess the measurements will tell the full story, but in the meantime while I cannot do a lot of extra exercise, I thought LR may be something worth exploring.

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    Seeing your stats I actually don't think you are Leptin resistant.... Do you crave carbs, and especially at night? A blood test can confirm if you are LS or LR, but the reset isn't a magic tool unless you actually need it. If you're looking to lose those last few pounds of fat and build muscle, carb cycling with primalcarbs might be a good option.


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      I rarely crave carbs. Every now and then I'll want something, but not like a deep craving. I have fruit or dark chocolate on hand, and it usually doesn't take much. About the only time I crave anything is a long, stressful day at work or a day after the little groks kept us up late or woke us up during the night.


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        Unless you have a good chunky spare tyre around your waist, I doubt Leptin resistance is your issue (going by mirror test) then. Have you read up ChocoTaco's thread on carb cycling? He explains the science of Leptin for "normal" people really well.


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          I carry fat all the back in particular. I'll look up that thread. I know that in one of Mark's post he mentions that taking in a decent amount of carbs at night may help. I try to aim to get some veggies and a sweet potato for supper.