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  • Need Reccomendations

    Here is what my day looked like:

    B: 2 slices of bacon, 2 eggs cooked in the bacon grease

    L: Big salad of baby greens, 1 big cucumber chopped, some red onion, 2 chopped roma tomatoes, pinch of aged cheese. + 1 Chicken Sausage + Raw almonds

    D:Lamb Steak + butter sauteed mushrooms and onion

    Dessert: 1/4 cup berries


    Fat: 80.5g (57%)

    Protein:88.51g (28%)

    Carbs: 43.27g (13%)

    I know im a bit low on calories, especially since I worked out today, and according to my HR monitor I burned about 800 calories. I want to loose weight, but I dont want to risk going too low and loosing muscle. But I am not really hungry at all! Should I force down an protein shake with some olive oil tonight? Or just call it a light day? Any comments on how i can improve my typical day?

    I think im going to goto the store and pick up some avacados and coconut to get some denser cal sources.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I pretty much always follow up a workout with a protein shake. Usually I'm not hungry, but I know that I need to provide my body with the nutrients during that "critical window" that is so important to reaping the benefits from an intense workout. Also, I usually take flax oil with my shake. As for improving on overall caloric intake, pack some snacks for work/school. Almonds and any type of berry make one of the best and easiest foods to keep on you.


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      Maybe add a salad dressing made of virgin olive oil? Always a good calorie addition.