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sunflower oil for frying? coconut oil varieties?

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  • sunflower oil for frying? coconut oil varieties?

    what do you think about this? yes,a seed oil,as are most or all high temp oils suitable for quick frying. i used it to stir fry some venison tenderloin rubbed deep with granulated garlic,sea salt and pepper. came out very well and the oil was quite neutral in taste. didn't seem to break down,but who can tell that without a lab handy? when frying,i want no taste from the frying medium. i like ghee for that reason. and hate coconut for the same reason. there was a coconut oil mentioned here that has no flavor. looked it up but forgot the name. i recall the add talked about it's use as a cosmetic,but no mention of cooking use. please inform me on that and-opinions,knowledge,ideas on sunflower oil. thanks.