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    I have been touting the same grain free low sugar lifestyle to my dear husband for 6 plus years. The house is GF, I cook 90% primal at home, he is used to lettuce tacos and bun free burgers and has no complaints....

    Outside of the house though, he does as he pleases with regular sandwiches and burgers being his mainstay.

    He has a wicked sweet tooth and while I have spent many a day explaining to him how to reduce it, especially trying to convince him to remove artificial sweeteners, he pretty much continues down the same path. I try not to preach, nagging never works. I sneak in data now and again, we have had the "fruit is okay in moderation" discussion more times then I can count.

    SO, he has dinner with his boss who was in town the other day, who apparently was seeing a nutritionist to help lose weight. Low and behold, the consultant has her on what sounds similar to a paleo diet. She also is not allowed any sweeteners, and she explained to my husband that even the artificial ones can trick your body into releasing insulin (I seem to recall this conversation a few times).

    My husband hasn't had gum or any sweeteners in a week.

    Go figure.
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    My father talks about nutrition and preaches about paleo with everyone he works with, yet he eats bread and pasta regularly and doesn't really eat paleo anyway.

    Go figure.


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      Yup, my boyfriend tells anyone who will listen just how amazing and healthy Primal is. And then he eats sandwiches, cookies and pasta. Huh???

      Maybe we should have dinner with his boss.