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Slow Results . . . could iodine tablets impact how fast weigt comes off?

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  • Slow Results . . . could iodine tablets impact how fast weigt comes off?

    Hello All, I have been working the program pretty actively and have noticed that I am not getting the results I used to get whenever I focus on weight loss . . . I have been taking Iodine Plus two for months upon the advice of a well meaning friend (when there was really no reason to do so other than his rant that we are all iodine deficient which I bought into) I read something the other day that made me rethink this . . . could iodine dosages twice a day be inhibiting my fat burning mechanism? I have been eating lots of good fats and working out hard every other day, lots of walks on the beach (40 mins) weekly sprints. Still having a glass or two of wine each night . . . any thoughts? I am 53, 5'11.5, 222 pounds, good respiratory (not winded easily as I have always been active) no smoker, no diet soda, refined sugars, etc . . . . Help! Thank you, love this forum! I halted iodine two days ago -


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    Might be over doing it on the macadamias and other nuts I have decided . . .


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      It may help a little. The difference in between people with hypothyroid and others is pretty small, perhaps a few points of BMI at most and some studies find no relationship. Remember that was diagnosed hypothyroidism. You haven't mentioned the iodine dosage. The nuts and alcohol will be the main things holding you back as far as I can see.


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        I'd have to see what a normal day's worth of food was before I could say it was one particular supplement.

        Having said that, alcohol can seriously slow weight loss for some people.


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          Were you getting any benefits from the iodine? I am supplementing iodine as well and do not see that it is stopping my weightloss. I wouldn't give it up even if that were the case because I have experienced such a great increase in energy.
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            No way it's the iodine as that would speed up your metabolism. You may be eating too much.