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Did I just break the 'avoid poisonous things' law?



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  • Did I just break the 'avoid poisonous things' law?

    I bought some Tennessee Pride breakfast sausage last week that has been in the refrigerator ever since (never mind the preservatives in it). I opened it this morning (it's still within the sell-by date) and a strong smell of sulfur hit me. After a minute or so, the smell went away, and I saw the sausage looked fine so I cooked part of it for breakfast. The sausage more or less tasted okay, but there was a vinegary taste to it that I thought was just part of the sausage.

    Now...I'm not so sure. I feel fine now, but I'm worried about what's to come. In hindsight, eating it was a bad, stupid, terrible, horrible idea. Did I just break one of the ten basic laws of the PB? Am I in for a rough evening?

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    You'll live, I promise. I eat stuff that is on the edge sometimes and I'm still alive. Plus, you think Grok only ate 100% fresh meat? It's thought that early humans were scavengers. Yeah, like hyenas and vultures!

    I think you should be more worried about the preservatives.

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      it takes a well paid man / woman to afford all grass fed/organic/etc meat .. id be lying a LOT if i said i ALWAYS eat that stuff ...

      that being said i try to avoid additives etc, but hell once in a while its FUN!

      I had a little pepperoni in my omelette this morning .. its local made but im sure they place some sort of nitrate or somethin in it .. local butcher, i should ask maybe!
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        Yes, you broke the law and you need to send me $100.

        Just take a closer look at the ingredients next time and avoid "packaged" food unless you can confirm the ingredients are solid. Or take the hit and enjoy the occasional miss.
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          Meat that's gone bad will definitely have a funny taste, and you may feel a little ill, but that's it.

          Now MILK that's gone bad on the other hand...will make you vomit profusely!

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            You'll be fine man,just relax and try to avoid that stuff as best you can and don't stress over the occasional mistake.One meal of crap food isn't what hurts you,it's eating three squares of that garbage for decades and sitting on your ass that dooms you to the world of health problems.
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