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Supplements- any cautions?



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  • Supplements- any cautions?

    I feel like people throw around a lot of reccomendations of odd supplements. The iodine, magnesium etc. Added in magnesium and am glad I did. Planning to add in iodine via kelp.

    One thing I wonder- do we just pee out what we don't need, or can some build up to toxic levels? For example, excess magnesium can stop a heart. You'd probably never take enough magnesium at once to stop your heart- but over time, can it build up and cause damage?

    For thyroids.... once you have supplemented an equines thyroid, it's a life long commitment to those meds because with supplementation, the thyroid loses more function. Is it the same with a human?

    I'm curious- I'd love to pull a blood panel on myself and test, but I have crappy insurance and not going to an MD for that. That said, is experimentation with supplements a safe path to go down?
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    pretty much anything can be toxic at a certain level. i'm completely suspicious of supplements. they're totally unregulated, and god only knows if they 1) have the active ingredients they claim they do, and 2) don't contain inactive ingredients that aren't listed and that we wouldn't want.

    i take magnesium. i can't remember why. sitting here writing that makes me feel silly - maybe it's time to stop!