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    I live in an extremely small town in a rural midwest area. I am looking for a website where I can order the ingredients listed in some of the recipes here. An example would be almond or sesame seed meal. Does anyone know of reliable websites that sell these items?
    Thank you!

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    I spent awhile searching, and this was the best deal I found for almond meal: Almond Flour/Meal - California Gold Almonds


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      Have you tried NOW Foods? Frontier Herbs might have those things too. Both very good companies that I've had lots of great interactions with before. (My dad used to sell NOW Foods products and I used to buy bulk herbs from Frontier in college)
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        I can not find anything in my teenie tiny midwest town either.. this is why I am an Amazon girl!

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          Amazon would be a good place to start.The place has a lot of products,pricing options,and reviews for the stuff listed,so you could start there and narrow down your options until you find a good site that sells what you want at a reasonable price.
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            Thank you all. Looking forward to "Meeting" you all again.


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     has some good prices on almond and coconut flours. I get quite a lot of my herbal products there, also.


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                I have ordered from this site and have no complaints. They have a decent selection.

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