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    So I should then cut back on my food? I thought that I should try to up my food a little more as well as fat.

    I used to be obsessive compulsive about counting my calories and I really can't go back there. That's why I liked BFL - it was basic. THat's why I was drawn to Primal eating as well.


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      stinika- I too like you started Primal Eating for the weight loss reasons. I have been eating Primal for about 4 months now and while I have only lost 10 lbs, I feel a world of difference. I did Body for Life also about 8 years ago and lost 30 lbs. It really is a good program.

      What you describe in your original post seems to me like you are putting your body in starvation mode and it’s hanging onto whatever you give it. One egg after an intense workout session. Primal Child is right, how can anyone eat just one egg!? Also, Muscle Milk (while my protein drink of choice even as soon as a year ago) is not the best thing to use for recovery. Since you’re a Body for Life girl, you might want to try drinking EAS Betagen post workout. 0 gms sugar.

      That’s what I drink post workout. Then, an hour later I eat like a Primal Queen! I usually have two eggs scrambled in butter with goat cheese, ½ a bunch of spinach with sun-dried tomatoes and olive oil, and 3 slices of bacon. An excellent primal meal, lots of good protein and fat and even some veggies! Keeps you fueled up and ready to tackle your day. Plus, it’s a really good meal for fueling those muscles you just beat up!!!!

      Like you, I suffer from eating disorder issues (binge eating in my case). Primal Eating has really helped me begin to conquer those demons. I don’t crave the junk I used to because I’ve freed not just my body, but my brain’s addiction to those foods. And that’s what it is, an addiction…to the sugar, the cane juices, the “ingredients” in the products like ketchup and bbq sauce that you don’t even think about. You can be eating a great hamburger and the simple act of adding processed ketchup to it means you just added sugar to your meat and triggered that part of your brain that craves SWEET.

      I make all my own condiments now. Cook a bunch of foods on one of the weekend days, so they are ready to grab during the week. My husband loves that too since he works from home. I can pack my breakfast and lunch meals for heading out the door in the morning and he has the fridge stocked!

      You’re not going to lose 30 lbs in a month…..this isn’t Biggest Primal Loser! It may take your body a while to adapt to this new lifestyle. But, it will be worth it if you just believe in it and give it a chance….that’s what you had to do when you did Body for Life…so give the Primal Lifestyle the same chance. It’s a way to rid your body of the obsessive eating that we as Americans have come to think is “normal”. I look at the Primal lifestyle as a way to improve my overall health and fitness and, in time, lose the weight my body needs to lose.

      Good luck!


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        I'm no expert, but my own impression is that you are not eating enough early in the day, especially if you workout. I know you don't want to count calories but maybe you could do it for a few days just to make sure you are consuming enough.

        Why not try having your main evening meal when you feel hungry at 3-4? If you are hungry your body is telling you it needs something. For some reason I don't find eating nut based meals very satisfying even if they are the same calories and so I am focussing on meat which seems to fill me up for longer (I guess someone is going duh, but hey I'm learning!). Just some suggestions from a newbie, so sorry if the advice is a bit off.

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          I definitely agree that you're not eating nearly enough early in the day and so of course you're famisihed by 4! Also, more fats would be good, I find if I don't have enough fats in my meal I get really hungry a few hours later.

          If you read what Mom2DisneyGirl wrote as her breakfast... that's similar to what I'll eat. 2 eggs (usually scrambled, but not always) cooked in either butter or bacon fat, a couple of strips of bacon and some avocado and/or some goat cheese with the eggs. This will usually hold me over for 5 hours pretty easily. Then I eat a big ass salad for a late lunch (greens, peppers, cucumbers, walnuts, chicken or tuna/salmon, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. Then usually I only need a small snack in the evening.

          My other comment would be that if you do still continue having processed/bready carbs or sugar... you can still be having carb/sugar crashes. I happen to be super sensitive to carb/sugar cravings and if I have any I will be hungry/craving/crashing no matter what the rest of my diet looks like. So for me, eliminating them completely is the only thing that works for me. I know that's not the same for everybody, but it's something you may want to test out for a couple of weeks and see how you respond.

          Hope this helps a little!!

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            There are big differences between BFL and PB. However, the biggest is in the eating. Instead of planning for 6 meals a day as with BFL, PB requires only that you eat when you are hungry, and sometimes not even then (when fasting). You might eat four meals, maybe three, maybe two, maybe none.

            The kinds of food one eats on PB will keep you satisfied MUCH longer than the food in BFL will. The good fats in a PB meal, will keep your hunger under control. I know when I eat bacon and eggs and leafy greens with V/O dressing, I stay satisfied much longer than I did when I ate a BFL meal of three egg whites and a small potato. I was always hungry on BFL, and I couldn't find time in the day to make all those meals.

            So maybe you're eating too often. I still think sometimes that I have to eat because it is time to eat, not because I am hungry. Maybe that's the case for you.


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              Add me in for someone who, if I eat enough fat and calories for breakfast, I'm pretty full and only a little hungry throughout the day. My stomach rarely growls any more. It's more of a "say old chap, if you wouldn't put putting some food in here, that'd be great but no rush" rather than that old carboholic caged lion feel of "FEED. NOW."

              You need to eat more fat, and you need to eat more food. One egg for breakfast? Really? Sometimes I have four. That'll keep me full for 5-6 hours at least, depending on how much exercising I'm doing. I usually have soup/stew for lunch (leftovers) and what most people would call a "snack" for dinner. If I have dinner at all. Get that fat up, don't be afraid to eat.


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                Wow. Such great advice here! I was hesitant to post because in actuality "I know better" and could give someone else advice - I just don't trust myself to take my own advice.

                Mom2Disney Girl - Excellent advice. I just needed to hear it from someone else. Usually if I eat a good breakfast I end up more hungry; however, I think that I need to eat more earlier in the day.

                Jo - Yes! I should just make my "dinner" meal at 4 when I come home. Who says I need to eat at 6? This way I will not snack until "dinner" and I think this will help.

                Minxxa - this last week was good. I was on track and even when I came home and was hungry didn't find the pretzels . I'm eager for this next week and my primal eats I've made. Stroganoff (with some liver added), wild salmon, lots of veggies. I even bought some ghee today and lard (although I'm not sure what to do with the lard or if it's even really primal - are some brands not as good?)

                paleo piper and kent - yeah. one egg... that's crazy. I've got to plan better and make a good morning meal.

                more fats... hmmm. maybe I could have a whole avocado instead of the 1/2 I usually eat? Veggies with butter / ghee perhaps.

                Thanks again!! I'm determined....


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                  Lightly steamed or blanched broccoli with butter is food of the gods.


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                    Yes! That's part of my food for tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Thanks LX!


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                      If regards to getting more fat, I don't know how you eat those HB eggs, but try to mash them up and throw in a tablespoon or two of butter and microwave them until the butter melts. It's very good.

                      Also, avocados. I know they have a good amount of calories so you might think to steer clear of them, but when i was first starting, avocados would really help me control my hunger.

                      One more thing... fasting. I was hungry at first, but fasting (1 meal a day, and 2 meals a day) really helped me learn my body's rhythms and desires. I know when a growl from stomach means I am really starving (once woke up thinking I was about to puke, but realized that I was STARVING hungry).

                      Last but not least, I find that the more water I drink, the hungrier I get. So, while my mouth may be dry, I won't drink anything to fix the dryness because I don't want to get hungry right then.

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                        Hey girl! I feel where you're coming from. I personally love the BFL workouts and the option of a free day and or meal. I would personally recommend, although it's not 'primal' as such, that you try a modified Zone diet approach. This would involve weighing and measuring food which many people don't like for obvious reasons, but I think at some point you have to work it for yourself. I don't recommend going back on grains and starches, re-read some literature on this issue or revisit why you decided to go primal in the first place, and maybe switching up your mindset will empower you to make a more informed decision. I have been moderately primal/ SCD for 5 weeks now with great health results (better skin, better sleep, happier in general) but I have made no weight goals (as in loss of weight). So I am modifying my approach, although this month of ZERO sugar, sweeteners, starches, grains, and dairy products has been a huge boost for my confidence in myself. Hope this helps, grace and peace!



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                          I agree with those who suggest eating more early in the day -- and all at once, rather than spread out into snacks every few hours. I know that I feel much better on 3 big meals than on a bunch of snacks that never fill me up.

                          Personally, I like a huge salad with spinach, miscellaneous veggies, 4 oz canned fish, 1 oz nuts, and 2 Tbs olive oil for breakfast.

                          Another good option, if it must be easy and portable, is 2-3 HB eggs plus 4-6 oz of cold meat (beef or pork roast or leftover chicken work well). I often do this for lunch. Sometimes I make the eggs into Fat Guacamole Devils, particularly if I'm taking a relatively low-fat cut of meat that day.

                          For dinner, another big serving of meat and veggies cooked in fat or topped with butter. Maybe a good, primal stew or chili (no beans). Something rich and satisfying.

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                            Don't be afraid of fat...

                            Dietary fat makes you full, sugar makes you fat.


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                              I echo the sentiment that you are not eating enough. I'm an obsessive calorie counter, however while doing this, I refuse to count calories. I *know* that I was, even while counting calories eating way way below my BMR (eating about 1000-1200 a day, if I went on a "binge" it would be closer to 1800 a day).

                              So, I've stopped counting, and just eat foods that are acceptable. I've also noticed that there are some days when I have such an awesome breakfast, that I skip lunch, or even dinner!

                              I'm trying to eat intuitively, I have to ask myself through dinner, am I full, can I save this yummy halibut for lunch or a snack?

                              I think that when I start to obsess about calories, I feel deprived and that leads to diving off the wagon. I have food to eat, if I'm actually HUNGARY, then I'll eat.

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